Deck 5 still remains largely unchartered territory even now, but at least one crew member, in high spirits after a night of Nimbus3 Sherry, decided that exploring Deck 5 with only a torch and some Murray Mints was a good idea. He has never been seen since. Of the bits we DO know about so far:

This is kind of miscellany of the more strange parts of the Starship Overflow - documented as far as possible in this handy - well...handbook. Click each in turn to find the relevant page. 


* The Bolton Stoat - needs no explanation

(nor should you expect any)

* The Overflow Recipe Book - for times of EXTREME hardship - avoid the sausage trifle....

* Grandmother's Embrocation

* PLEASE don't go to THIS page....

* Want to know how to build a whizzo radio transmitter

out of ordinary household items from the cutlery drawer??

* The Tim Rice Page

* The Paul Windsor Page

*  Des McAngus the roving Scottish reporter in Surbiton (thanks to Isaac Ferneyhough & Tim Rice)


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