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Find out what was playing each week on the Overflow Studio Gramophone...

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Dec 25th


The Cog may be dead according to the band name, but the music is alive and kicking ass! These days, this type of music seems to be known as Steampunk. Though from what we've heard so far, Steampunk seems to be quite a broad genre. Best described as a cross between Gogol Bordello & Flipron with acoustic parts and elements of folk! Or even german beer drinking music without the Oom-pah!!! Either way, this is one rather splendid new album release and comes highly recommended by The Overflow. MERRY CHRISTMAS!  

Dec 18th


Would you believe it.... These guys have been making music for 54 years!!! Formed in The Hague, Holland way back in 1961 and originally known as The Golden Earrings, they are The Netherlands premier rock band and are still going strong! The quality of their records have always been top notch and this brand new EP is no exception. The opening track 'Je regrette' is a typical Earring tune, full of rocked up guitars and the usual superb melodic vocals. Out now on Universal, for further details go to :

Dec 11th


Psychedelic favourites here on The Starship Overflow, Sula Bassana return with a brand new studio release, but it's not what you may expect! Brace yourselves for 45 minutes of full-on electronic synthesized krautrock! The album has a very distinct sound, mainly due to the selection of vintage electro instruments used. However you will not be dissapointed in the slightest, as the sound created holds the key to higher plains! Our fave song in particular being the excellent 'Shushi Express' at just under 11 minutes long. It's worth investing in some quality headphones just for this album, which is to be released on February 12th 2016. Order your copy in advance from  

Dec 4th


Formed in Sunderland UK 25 years ago, the mighty AOS3 return with a fantastic new studio album, their first since 1995! Still sounding as great as they ever did, though slightly more polished these days, these festival favourites continue in their usual style of anarcho punk & ska, giving us 12 new tunes to wrap our ears around. It's not music for sitting still too, so our advice is get ready to jump about, clear the room, bag up the ornaments & TURN IT UP LOOUUD!!! Available from  

Nov 27th


- ULTIMATE FLASHBAX is the title of the long-awaited CD compilation of some of the best material produced by Mick Magic and friends through the 80's & 90's. Magic Moments At Twilight Time are an electronic space oddysey, who take you on a trip through synthesized time and space. They also produced the Overflow theme theme which was used on air through the 90's. That song along with many other oddities & rarities are included on this marvelous collection. Full details can be found @  

Nov 20th


Sit still? Not on your Nelly! One Eyed God are one of those bands that it's impossible to keep still too. Fantastic too listen to whenever and whatever you're doing. In the car, on your headphones, or even whilst doing the hoovering (if you want it done really quickly)! Doing what they do best, a fusion of festival ska/anarcho-punk/psych-guitar.... everything you could really hope for, which is why they are one of our very favourite bands. This new album comes highly recommended by The Overflow, so dont just sit there reading.... go and find-out for yourselves!  

Nov 13th


Deviant bands are a psychedelic rock/blues outfit that have been a major part of the underground and festival scene for many years now. Formed in the early 80's by Paul 'Woodbine' Woodright, the band have gone through a few line-up changes, whilst improving their sound all the time. With a good few releases now under their belts, the band have released a new self titled double CD which is by far their best to date. 'Space Girl' is perhaps their grooviest tune ever, followed closely by 'Stoned heavy comedown', both of which are included on this wonderful album. Do yourself a favour and dont miss out on this excellent release.  

Nov 6th


Tune in to our new releases programme every weekend, to hear a different track from the new Hawklords album each week. Originally another name for Hawkwind, the current line-up includes several ex-members, along with talented musicians from other affiliated spacerock bands. Current Hawklords include Harvey Bainbridge, Ron Tree, Jerry Richards & Tom Ashurst. This album is their follow-up to the immensely popular 'We are One' of 2012 and features some marvelous new songs including our favourites : 'Re-Animator' & 'Space Monkey'. We strongly advise you grab yourself a copy now! Details here :  

Oct 30th


As has often been noted, psychedelic music can involve causal links between getting out of it and getting into it. Conversely, expansion of consciousness can be found by heading deep into the roots that a band explores, and journeying to the centre of their inspiration. Thus, a curious paradox is attained, whereby the traditional elements of an outfit's sound are superseded by them blasting their core vibrations into unchartered territory. Such is the case with the new opus from third-eye visionaries Hills, a dizzying journey that traverses through the band's origins and beyond to new dimensions. Available here :  

Oct 23rd


Oh woe is me... into the darkest depths of doom, gloom and utter despair, with a fantastic new dark treat from suicidal-metal's finest - My Dying Bride. There is usually a new album in time for All Hallows Eve and this is 2015's. It's also a bit of a milestone for the band, this being their 25th anniversary, which they sure are celebrating in every gloomy sense of the word. So, go sit in a corner on your own, pretend you've just awoken as a zombie and PLAY LOUD UNTIL END OF DAYS! Details from  

Oct 16th


We first started playing W.A.S.P. on The Overflow way back in 1987. To this day I still cannot put my finger on what it is exactly that draws me to this band, but I love their stuff! They seem to have just got better as the years have passed. This new album being no exception. Elements of old school hair metal, crossed with a more modern approach to the songwriting, make for some great new songs which we will be playing over the next few shows. Tune in to hear them, or check out the new album for yourself :

Oct 9th


NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS! Indeed it is'nt, has'nt been or is likely to be where C.O.H. are concerned. Over the years Census Of Hallucinations have entertained us with their own unique brand of alternative music. Rock is a very broad spectrum, so I guess psychedelic underground would be a lot closer in describing their mesmerising talents. This like most other albums, is really part of a journey. So our advice... start at the beginning with COH1 and enjoy, experience and progress with them from day 1, right up to this splendid new album. Your journey wont yet be complete, though it will have been one hell of a ride! Available from :  

Oct 2nd


...CARUSO'S BRAIN : I THINK I HAVE THE INFORMATION WE NEED TO MAE A NEW WORLD definetely gets the award for longest album title of 2015! Raised on a farm and based in Toronto comes a fantastic new edition to the Overflow playlists, the brilliant Selina Martin. Best described as alternative pop/rock, with electronic and acoustic tinges to add to the equation. Some very cleverly written songs containing some frankly brilliant lyrics. We cant recommend this album to you enough. Superb in every sense of the word. Check out Selina's music here :  

Sept 25th


Another very apt title for a marvelous new album from Psych/Festival band Zendad, their first new studio material since Oct 2014. Inbetween the two releases - The Lost Tapes, which was exactly what it said on the tin! This album features another selection of spacey sounds, some being quite lively and others a little more layed-back. Our two favourites being the first two tracks, 'Starclad Messiah' & 'Promised land'. Highly recommended by The Overflow, grab yourself a CD or download @  

Sept 18th


The long awaited follow-up to their album with Nik Turner of 2010 finally arrives. As far as we are concerned, Dreadnought is worth every minute of the wait! 8 mind-blowing spaced out psychedelic masterpieces. Some being shorter at around 5 or 6 minutes and some being as long as 22 minutes. Their soundscapes take on your imagination, from every distant corner of your mind, forcing an imminent blow-back into oblivion! So if you are going to trifle with this, be sure to scoff the whole bowl. Available here:  

Sept 11th


The Hasbeens are long established in the world of spacerock and festival sounds. There are currently 3 versions of the band. Dr.Hasbeen, Capt.Roswell & The Lost Alien Tribe (who also have a new album) and also Martyn Hasbeen and his latest band The Winged Wizards. This fantastic new release brings us 10 top tunes, including our favourites 'Snow capped queen' & 'Free as a bird'. Released as usual on Sonic Rock Music and available from  

Sept 4th


From Germany comes 'My Sleeping Karma' with a brand new release, their fifth studio album on Napalm Records. This band never fail to create an epic atmosphere of dynamic proportions, enabling you or I (the listener) to embark on another deep cosmic adventure! An outstanding bunch of instrumentalists, MSK treat us to fragile and distorted melodies, fused with some excellent guitar riffs and a whole lot more besides. Highly recommended by The Overflow, check out the album  now @  

Aug 28th


There's not a great deal that you can say about a Motorhead album that has'nt been said before. If by chance you've never heard Motorhead, expect full throttle classic metal with melodic (though gruff) vocals and catchy tunes. We may all be getting older (Lemmy included), but the band still have a great sound and so does the new album. There have been several reports of Lemmy's poor health in recent times. Let's hope he makes full recovery and is bashing out the tunes for many years to come yet. Released today on UDR, check out the website for details @

Aug 21st


... NETWORK FESTIVAL 2014. It must be a take-over bid..... Sendelica feature on our CD of the week page yet again!!! And why not, as there are not many producing psychedelic sounds of this calibre. Ok so the new release is a live one. In fact, we would suggest that this is their finest live recording to date! The new album is available as a double LP in lovely violet coloured vinyl, as a box set complete with DVD, or just as a basic download if one prefers. For details on all these options and more, go to : 

Aug 14th


Behold the second mindblowing album from the highly regarded dutch psych & space masters - Astral Son! Following on from their first album Gurumaya, Silver Moon is a well constructed concept album, featuring nine wonderful psychedelic songs, blending in to each other. The album is now available in several colored vinyl editions from Headspin Records, or you can download the album from their bandcamp page :  

Aug 7th


COMING SOON on the 25th of this month, an amazing 4 coloured vinyl LP box set compilation from Fruits De Mer Records, featuring a collection of modern psychedelic bands with their own take on some classic songs. Sendelica play Donna Summer's 'I feel love', The Soft Bombs play Pink Floyd's 'Echoes & The Luck Of Eden Hall play Yes's 'Starship trooper', plus loads more! Check out further details on this forthcoming collectors item, by going to :  

July 31st


After two european tours opening for some of the bigger stoner/psych bands and also releasing an EP and a single, Libido Fuzz have produced their very first full length studio album... and what a corker! Recorded in the summer in Portugal, then mixed in Poland, get ready to hang on to your heads for a bumpy ride through fuzzylicious guitar riff central and seven cool catchy tunes! Out now and available on Pink Tank Records or from the bands bandcamp page :  

July 24th


Two more days and the new double album is here!!! Long-time dance artists Eat Static return with what can only be described as a masterpiece! Their most exciting release in some years, it has everything. great atmosphere, it's inventive, original, hypnotic, spiritual, spacey and also features the usual selection of sci-fi samples which add nicely to the flavour. It's hard to believe this band were once just an offshoot of Ozric Tentacles.... Long since established in a dance movement of their own. Released by Mesmobeat Records, the band's website is :  

July 17th


Silverspace are regular festival favourites, who we see play live each year at the likes of Cosmic Puffin Festival & Kozfest amongst others. Full of spacey riffs, the band are mainly instrumental and produce some highly psychedelic soundscapes guaranteed to take you on a trip to the higher plains and beyond! A number of releases are now available from Silverspace. For further information go to :  

July 10th


Wow... It's like they've never been away! 90's band Veruca Salt are back in a big way. The new album being every bit as good as the classic 'American Thighs'. Fourteen blistering Indie Pop-rock tunes, with great lyrics and wonderful female vocals. The thick guitar hooks are there, the catchy melodies and a whole bunch of great new songs. If you remember the original album and loved it, then you wont be dissapointed with this. Natural progression and quite a masterpiece for 2015. Out today on El Camino Media and available through :  

July 3rd


Our old friend 'Paul Roland' returns with yet another splendid new studio release! We've been following Paul's music for the best part of 35 years now, so an absolute plethora of top tunes to choose from. So how would you describe the man's music? Gothic, Baroque, sometimes psychedelic, dark folk'n'roll is as good description as any. Paul is a unique talent and has a style of his own. Check out details on his new album, which will be released on September 6th, by going to :  

June 26th


ALIEN ANARCHY is the title of the third release from London band 'Brother Low Elephant Grass'. Produced at Spaced-Out Studios, that may give you a clue as to what you get on this excellent new release. A mixture of space-rock, hypnotic and spacey-fuzz sounds, all rolled into one, make for some fantastic songs from a band that will surely be around for some years to come. Once again this is highly recommended by The Overflow. Available now @  

June 19th


American singer Cary Grace was born in South Carolina, though has lived in England for the past ten years. If you've never heard Cary;s music before, then this album is a fantastic introduction. Featuring eight new songs, Cary's background of space-rock and electronic music comes into play, as she takes her album into the realms of psychedelic and experimental music and beyond. Highly recommended by The Overflow, a superb album from start to finish. Out now on Door 13 music and available here :

June 12th


We first played this band on The Overflow way back in 1995, though they had been around for some years then with a few albums under their belts. Still going strong with their own take on what real rock'n'roll should be, Cosmic Psychos bash out yet another selection of raw australian almost punk-rock tunes, including our favourite 'Come and get some!'  So dont just sit there, if you want some you know what to do! Available now on Desperate Records, the band's website :  

June 5th


Bring it on! This is the 5th studio album from the excellent 'Left Lane Cruiser'. Now operating as a trio, the band produce classic dirty blues-rock in their own unique style better than ever! They come from Indiana and hold elements of the blues style of R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough & Jon Spencer amongst others. Doing exactly what it says on the label, you cant go far wrong with this album so grab yourself a copy! The place to go is :  

May 29th


We are very pleased to announce, the forthcoming double LP from Germany's Electric Moon! Theory Of Mind, is impulsive and vibrant psychedelic acid rock with all it's acoustic spectral colours. We would suggest, probably the finest of it's kind in the world. Each LP side features one long track, varying in length from between 15 - 19 minutes each. Also available on CD, the album will be issued by Sulatron Records on June 11th, just in time for your Summer Solstice parties. Could'nt be better really! or for info.

May 22nd


Now available, it's the debut self titled album from Portsmouth band Dubbal. Festival favourites previously known as BubbleDubble, feature the music of multi-instrumentalist Kev Ellis. Who seems to play everything from the mouth-organ to the theremin, as well as provide most excellent vocals! A wonderful collection of Dance/Dub tunes with a lovely laid back vibe, ideal for late night on the headphones, or to party with into the early hours. Find out how to get yourself a CD or a download here :  

May 15th


... OF THE SACRED. We were only saying last week about the amount of great new spacerock being released this year and low and behold, it's a new album from the mighty Ozrics! It's now well over 30 years since they first surfaced, a whole back catalogue of fantastic albums are available and the new release is another real stunner! A double LP, featuring the usual lengthy soundscapes, it's impossible to sit still too and will take you off to anywhere your imagination fancys! Dance, drift, do whatever you do, but make sure you dont miss out on this one. Out now on Madfish/Snapper.  

May 8th


2015 is shaping up to be a truly great year so far for lovers of spacerock. Another band relatively new to the scene, have released a brilliant debut album called Sirius. London based Spacedogs, bring us mainly upbeat tunes, plenty of effects, groovy vocals and catchy melodies. Sounds like a recipe for success to us! Check out the band and find out how to get yourself a copy of this highly recommended album @

May 1st


... MAAT'S GALAXY. That's the title of a stunning new surprise debut album from Russia's Maat Lander. If you are a fan of spacerock and acidic soundscapes, then this is a must for any music collection. Those lovely drifting guitar and synth melodies complete with bubbley atmosperical effects, remind us greatly of the early days of Ozric Tentacles. Though kind of brought up to date by the band's own twists & turns. Do not miss out on this essential new album, featuring soon on Hour 3 of The Overflow and available from russian label Raig Records.  

April 24th


Making a welcome return to the airwaves, It's the sixth studio album from american prog/space rockers Secret Saucer. The new album has a wonderful spacey synthesizer sound to it, more so than previous outings. There are no vocals, other than samples and background voices, which all add the flavour. Not as much guitar this time round, but when the synths are up to scratch it really is'nt needed! Check out this fine new release, by going to  

April 17th


Way back in 1995, festival go-ers Scum Of Toytown burst on to the scene with their amazing album Strike. Issued by the now defunct label - Words Of Warning, Strike was a brilliant upbeat festival/ska/punk album full of catchy tunes to sing along to, freak out to, or preferably both. 20 years on and Scum Of Toytown are back doing it all over again! Sounding much the same in style as before, though perhaps a little older and wiser, inless they're like us lot - in which case just older! Bring it on S.O.T. we love ya... MORE!!!!! Available here :

April 10th


From Holland, here come a lovely atmospheric instrumental band. Gracerooms have a wonderful feel to their new release, perhaps reminiscent of the Ozric Tentacles album Sliding gliding worlds, which is similar in style. Though as with all things similar, it's obviously quite different! All you need to do is relax in your most comfortable chair, slip into some nice quality headphones, switch on the sound system and drift away. You will return completely refreshed and stress-free, at far less than the price of an indian head massage. Dont think about it... just DO IT! Available now from :

April 3rd

The Mushroom Project - S/T

Wow! Now this is one excellent new release. An incredible psychedelic collective of artists, including members of The Magic Mushroom Band & Astralasia, coming together to make a phenomenal sound! A totally mesmerising selection of spacey soundscapes littered with effects to spike up anyones radar. Track 1 Imperial eye, is an epic 12 minute piece and a fine example of what's in store on the rest of the album. Recommended by The Overflow, from one ear to the other and back again, whilst stopping off @  

March 27th


After hearing this album for the first time, I only wish that I had made the trip to Roadburn Festival in Holland last year, as it would have been worth it just to witness this legendary one-off performance from Dave Schmidt a.k.a. Sula Bassana. The album 'The Night' from 2009 has always been our favourite Sula offering, but this album shines like a massive cosmic planet in a tiny galaxy! The very finest space-rock you will find in this universe and beyond. Go now to Sulatron Records and get a copy before they go!  

March 20th


Psychedelic Battles Vol.1, is a superb new split LP on a lovely yellow coloured vinyl disc... almost good enough to eat - Yum! Sendelica have become psychedelic favourites here on The Starship Overflow in recent years, each album being covered thoroughly upon release. This latest offering introduces space-rock band Da Captain Trips on the B-side, who are also very groovy indeed. More of the same, though in their own unique style, a perfect addition to play alongside the mighty Sendelica. Do not miss out on this one or you WILL be dissapointed!  

March 13th


Full title of the band and album... The Johnny Sqizzercrow Experiment! Having never heard of the band before, we witnessed them performing live at a festival in the summer of 2014. A fantastic live act, looking rather like circus performers and sounding similar in style to a mixture of The Cardiacs, Poisoned Electrick Head, Near Death Experience and several other festival bands all rolled into one! A brilliant debut album, currently heavily in rotation on the Starship Overflow playlists. Check them out @

March 6th


MOST BEAUTIFUL! Indeed, a fine description as well as being the title track from the brand new release. Nightwish really have excelled themselves this time. We would suggest that this is their best studio album since they parted company with singer Tarja Turunen in 2007. New vocalist Floor Jansen has really made her mark on the band in a very short time. Preferable to Anete Olzen who left the band in 2012. The original Nightwish sound is back! If you've never heard any of the band incarnations, this is as good place to start as any! Details from  

Feb 27th


What a pleasant surprise to hear new music from this guy! Rock'n'roll stalwart Chris Spedding has been recording and producing music for longer than I care to remember. Not just by himself, but as a member of many bands, as well as producing for several other artists. Best known for his hit single 'Motorbikin', way back in 1974, Chris returns with a splendid new solo project. A mixed bag of upbeat and layed-back tracks, the title song being a legendary talk-through track, with Chris's finely tuned deep voice! Highly reccomended and available from  

Feb 20th


Despite the name of his webpage - Radio Ray Is Dead, we'd like to assure you that he most definetely is'nt! But he is back, with his latest incarnation called Trancemitter and the excellent new release : On-Air. Together with partner in crime Anthony Shields, they have created 11 original songs, which as always feature Radio Ray's clever and often amusing lyrics, along with the duo's fantastic musicianship. Another psychedelic rock masterpiece which includes our favourites 'Crazy' & 'Streetwiser'. Dont miss out, grab yourself a copy now @  

Feb 13th


Introducing... the music of Kevin Heard to The Overflow! Kevin started out with northern punk band The Carpettes back in the late 70's and since then has also played with Blow for Blow, Eyes to the sky & Somebody Famous (a band often played on our archive shows). This new compilation album, features solo material from Kevin, covering the years 1982 - 2007. Sounds vary in style from hard-rock, folk, cosmic to progressive psychedelic & psychospace rock, so a lot to get your head and ears around. Highly reccomended by us, the album is now avalable @  

Feb 6th

UFO - A conspiracy of stars

Wow... over 45 years in the music business and Phil Mogg's band UFO return with another cut of superb UK classic rock. Recorded in their homeland for the first time in 20 years, the new album features 11 tracks, full of meaty riffs, distinct hooks, diverse songwriting, intelligent lyrics and of course the usual layed- back attitude and sound that give UFO their immense appeal to rock lovers of all ages. The album will be issued on Feb 23rd, details available now at

Jan 30th


To be released next month as a new DVD / BLU-RAY and also available as a CD from MVD Audio. American 70's electronic keyboard punks Devo, with what can only be described as yet another fantastic performance! So many classic albums already. So far we just have a copy of the CD here, cant wait to see the DVD! If you have never heard Devo before, you are missing out. Go to youtube this instant and look them up before you go insane from not knowing! Full details on both the audio & video releases at  

Jan 23rd


...OF YOUR BECOMING is a brand new studio recording due for release on May 4th. The band themselves seem to have come up the ranks of gothic metal very quickly indeed and are now signed to new label Epictronic, who have a bunch of fantastic releases up and coming. There are many comparable bands to The Way Of Purity, such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil etc etc. Though this band have perhaps elements of all these, along with the unique ingredients of their own style. If you love goth rock with female vocals you will not be dissapointed. Further details soon @  

Jan 16th


Supreme german psychtard Mr. Sula Bassana is back with a new one-sided album! Yes a split LP... and on the other side a band new to us, called 3am, who are also surprisingly groovy. Sula produce all instrumental psychedelic music, often euphoric and trance-like soundscapes that whisk you off into the unknown and beyond. This release is no exception. Issued on lovely coloured vinyl by dutch label Headspin, this will make a nice addition to anyones music collection. Available now at  

Jan 9th


Possibly one of the originators of folk/pagan-metal, who started making music way back in 1995, Ireland's Cruachan return with a brand new studio album. It's quite a diverse release, described by the band as their most aggresive yet! But dont let that put you off. Do give this a listen, as there are some amazingly catchy riffs and choice songs, accompanied by some fantastic playing! These guys are good and the new release comes highly reccomended. Now available on Trollzorn Records. Details from  

Jan 2nd 2015


To be issued on the 15th of this month, is the ninth studio album from Marilyn Manson. You can buy this as a CD, double LP or a definitive box with extra tracks. The band's own particular style of goth / rock / metal is not as hard hitting as it used to be. However the new release contains some mighty catchy tunes and is definetely one of their better albums in recent years. Check out the latest information on the band and the new album @ 

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