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Dec 25th


Merry Christmas folks! As well as being christmas day, it's also our final featured release of 2020! On The Blink, is the title of this amazing collection of short songs, from Nathan Hall & friends. There are two releases bearing the same name, a 3 track EP or if you prefer, a 22 track album. But if you love the EP as mush as we do, then you are going to want the album, that's for sure! Clever and catchy songs, rather reminiscent of late 60's psychedelic pop, but with a modern twist. A perfect stocking filler, which is available here :

Dec 18th


Recorded Live at The New Avalon Psychfest, held at The King Arthur in Glastonbury earlier this year... The wonderful new release from UK space-instrumentalists Sonic Trip Project, is also a tribute to our old friend Kozmik Ken. Hence the title - Everlasting Kozmik Peace. In recent times, Vince Cory and his talented collective of musicians have gone from strength to strength. Becoming real favourites on the UK festival scene. This new album, along with the previous 2 releases - Extended Play & Atomium Sunflower, are all essential listening. Available from

Dec 11th


Hard working band COH, have only just had their last compilation released a few weeks ago, called Mock honesty. Which is superb I might add. Whilst that was going on, they have been busy in the studio, concocting a brand new release called 'A society of friends'. The album was originally going to be released about now. But due to other projects in the pipeline, their record label has had to hold off for a few weeks, whilst they finish the backlog of work. Nil desperandum folks, not only will the album be available in early 2021, it will also be well worth waiting for. If you dont believe me, tune in to Hour 3 of The Starship Overflow... the show that makes a habit of changing minds!

Dec 4th


Two Hawkwind releases, less than two months apart! Well it is their 50th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate, in a year that's kept most of us locked down at home or restricted in sme way. Luckily I got to see them play on this tour, just a few months before the first lockdown. They were awesome of course, playing old favourites along with tracks from their most recent albums. No further explanation is needed really, as it's all captured wonderfully, on this new triple LP set. A real landmark for Dave Brock.. our sincere congratulations!

Nov 27th


- COUNTRY BLUE GRASS BLUES. My favourite american punk band for the last 30 years... Rats Of Unusual Size are back with a brand new vinyl LP! Dont be fooled by the album title, as the Rats are by no means cowboys. In fact lead singer Jim Fourniadis is more punk than punk itself! Some great new tunes, including 'Bitch', 'Stoned again' & 'My shit's fucked up', along with a couple of great covers too. A great version of Steve Earl's classic tune Copperhead Road and a cool take on Cell Block No9, called Riot going on. It's available now on 45 Records, or you can grab a download right here :

Nov 20th


Wow, it's 1995 all over again! That was the year they released their famous album, Melancholy and the infinite sadness. Now 25 years on, they have pretty much done it again. A sublime collection of new songs on the new double LP. Including our favourites, the extremely catchy 'Ramona' (which has been stuck in my head for weeks), Confessions of a dopamine adict and Wyttch. 20 awesome new tunes, spread across 2 coloured vinyl LP's, this is a must for your collection. To be released in a week's time on Sumerian Records.

Nov 13th


- SHALLOW OCEANS. This is the very first release from brand new label Billywitch Records, part of the Mega Dodo family. The band are a 3-piece, formed by Icarus. Their songs are psychedelically deep, featuring heavy guitar dynamics. Though it's worth knowing.. if you see them play live, no song is ever played the same twice! Shallow Oceans is their 2nd album, influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Groundhogs & Taste amongst others. Available on a Limited Edition Vinyl LP if you're quick... releasing in 7 days time. The place to go is :

Nov 6th


Inroducing Averlanche from Finland. A fantastically tasty rock/metal band formed in Helsinki in 2007, featuring Rebecca Sporl on vocals, who was originally from Germany. The album itself contains ten extremely listenable songs. Melodic from start to finish and dispersed with some fabuous heavy metal guitar riffs. Life's Phenomenon, was produced, mixed & mastered by 'Hilli Hiilesmaa' who worked with the likes of Apocalyptica, HIM & Moonspell amongst others. No wonder it's so good! Available from 


Well strap me to a tree and call me Brenda.... The Fuzztones are back!! One of the few remaining bands, that we were playing right back at the start, when we began broadcasting in 1986. Punky psychedelic garage rock is the order of the day... just as it always was with these guys. They still sound as great as they ever did. Bringing us 15 tunes on this brand new release, they even include an interesting cover version of Patti Smith's Dancing Barefoot, right on the end of the album. Tune in to Hour 3 of the Starship Overflow to hear various songs from the album, or better still, go buy it!

Oct 23rd


Yet another variation on the name, though sounding very typical of a Hawkwind album... and exceedingly good too. If Mr.Kipling could sing, this would surely be his band! Marvelous new double LP, in fact more refreshing than many of the Hawkwind albums in more recent years. Dave Brock is truly such a unique talent. Now in his mid 70's, this album proves to us again, that as well  as being a prolific songwriter, he has no problem in maintaining his high standards, which we have all come to know & love over the band's many years, despite the ever changing libe-up's. In a word - BRILLIANT!

Oct 16th


With their enchanting riffs and beautiful harmonies Lykantropi takes us via the werewolf transformation back to the rock and folk music of the early 70’s. Sweet harmonies reminiscent of the Mamas & The Papas are layered with electric guitars and flutes into a witch’s brew. Mix it all up and devour via the ears and the spell is cast! A beautifully moving album, which can be quite dark at times. But without doubt, is emotionally satisfying. It's eleven out of ten from us! Check out the album for yourselves @

Oct 9th


It's hard to believe that it's nearly 40 years, since these guys burst on to the free festival scene, with a name that sounded ridiculously outrageous at the time. These days, Ozric Tentacles are a household name in modern psychedelic soundscapes. Instrumental spacerock at it's very finest, never failing to dissapoint. The new album Space for the Earth, is once again a superb collection of floaty trips, including some cool guitar riffs too. Not to be sneezed at, even if you're wearing a mask!! Out today on a lovely green vinyl platter from


Oct 2nd


Introducing Circulus, a marvelous band from South London UK. They are basically a psychedelic folk-rock band. Though saying that, there is a lot more too them, as they are definetely also a part of the progressive rock scene, due to the many styles, twists and turns that are prominent in their music. After seeing them play live twice, I'm now hooked and I think you may be too! You can try before you buy, as music samples are available on their home page. Found @

Sept 25th


LIVES BEHIND THE FIRST ROW OF TREES! Is that so? Once again another mind-blowing album title. After the first album - Source code was released, it was dfficult to believe that Moon Goose would be able to come up with a second album anywhere near as good. But they have and it's out on lovely coloured vinyl too! A superb selection of new tunes, coated heavily in space rock, with the lovely bubbling of synth effects riding the soundwaves. Surf's up in my headphones that's for sure! If you miss out, you'll be sorry. Grab yourself an album @


Sept 18th


FUNKY ALPHABET SOUP! What a fabulous title for a brand new compilation, featuring the very best tracks from late 90's band Body Full Of Stars. They only ever released two albums back in the day, both of which were popular within the underground scene. If you've never heard them before, they are part of the Stone Premonitions family. So you can expect Alternative rock with tinges of psychedelia, along with some catchy songs & lyrics. Well worth wrapping your long ears around (as The Reverend Rabbit would say!) More information from

Sept 11th


Albums such as this are an absolute nightmare for english radio presenters to pronounce. But the music is so awesome, it's worth chancing making an arse of yourself. Gudars Skymning are a swedish band, who take 70's style hard rock to a completely new level. ”Olycksfågel” is their 7th studio release. It’s a concept album about the star cruiser ’Olycksfågeln’ and its crew, at the end of their scientific exploration of a certain galaxy. The ship leaves a dead civilization behind and starts the long voyage to their own part of the universe after hundreds of years from home. Another highly recommended album available from Transubstans Records.

Sept 4th


KMFDM are an industrial dub band (which sounds like a genre purely of their own). Since they began way back in time, the same year The Overflow did in 1986, they have released a ridiculous amount of albums. Industrial beats, reggae grooves and pounding lead guitar, all help to bring together a powerful sound. Then mixed and dubbed and generally fiddled with, to produce an absolute monster! We love this album, a favourite of the summer, which will probably go on to become one of our favourites of the year. Check them out @

Aug 28th


Great... just what the doctor ordered,a new release forthcoming from The Damned. Although the original 70's goth-punk legends have calmed down a little now, their music still progresses steadily. After all these years, The Damned have returned to Rockfield studios. Where they recorded The Black album, Strawberries & The Friday the 13th EP. Pre-orders are now being taken for the EP, which will also be issued on brown marbled vinyl on October 16th. So get in early if you want one.

Aug 21st


THE CONTINUING ESCAPADES OF... Prepare to amaze your ears! It's the up's and the down's and the up's and the down's and the... Just that song alone would be enough to make us want to buy this incredible collection. Jumping ship temporarily from The Hip Replacement to Fruits De Mer Records, SHS do exactly what they do best. 60's tinged psych-pop, very clever and often trippy lyrics playing on words, put to music made by some very accomplished musicians. This release is a rather collectable 4 LP set, which we cant wait to get our hands on! If you'd like to do the same, head off to

Aug 14th


A new band on us, though this is their second studio album. So good in fact, we will have to go back and check out the first! The new release is a maudlin triumph. It's almost as if the party was ending and Fontaines DC were the final band. Our favourite track, the brilliant 'Televised Mind' turns 'TV eye' by The Stooges inward. Fontaines DC are a force to be reckoned with. So, are you intrigued enough to go check out the album? Hope so!

Aug 7th


Coming soon on August 28th, their finest work to date... Amaranthe started out with Spinefarm Records back in 2011. Now in 2020, this is their first album release for the mighty Nuclear Blast. Combining the sound of pop and electronica, with power metal and grindcore vocals, the new album sounds like the best of everything you've ever heard all rolled into one big fat one! Surely this album must be monsterously huge, as we think it's a real belter! Availble soon @

July 31st


We have ammended the write-up for this album (Sept 2020), as some terrible news has just arrived. A couple of days ago Ron Graves sadly passed away. We have great respect for both Ron & David Reid, a magical combination. Between them, Ron did most of the songwriting and David (whose other band is The Contrast) made most of the music. This was their finest release yet, which includes many melodic rock/pop songs and at least 4 stand-out tracks. Brewery Field Blues is our favourite song, which really epitomizes Ron's songwriting abilities. It will always remain a fitting tribute to the man and his work. R.I.P. Ron Graves and thankyou both for some incredible music. The album is available here :

July 24th


Last year, the band's previous album Scarlet Fever also made our CD of the week page. Again, the new album is an absolute masterpiece. It's difficult to find anthing to dislike about this band. It's almost as if we've all donned a nice paisley shirt and gone back in time to the 60's days of classic psych-pop. Beautiful tunes, top lyrics and very memorable catchy songs that stay with you in an instant. There is of course the added bonus, that the album is a coloured vinyl (Only) release...  & It's orange this year! Want to know where to go?

July 17th



All ready to be issued on July 27th, It's the latest in the series of live double albums, featuring music from the annual Dr.Sardonicus festival in Wales. Always a jaw-dropping array of the very best in Psych & Fuzz to twist your ears around. This year featuring The Groundhogs, The Chemistry Set, Sendelica, Moon Goose, The Fellowship Of Hallucinatory Voyagers, The Alain Pire Experience and stacks more. Yet another magical release from our friends at Fruits De Mer Records.


July 10th


OPENING THE TRAPDOOR TO OUTER SPACE. As both the amazing name and cover suggest, it's another awesome new release from Census Of Hallucinations. After 20 years of producing albums regularly, Falling A Records continue with their new series of compilations of COH material, this one being a particularly good one. If you are new to Census, then this album would be an incredible introduction. So I hope you are, as if that's the case... a lot of conversions are about to be made!

July 3rd


So here they come... It's the sun drenched reggae sounds of Long Beach Dub Allstars! It's been nearly 20 years since these guys were in the studio together. They say good things take time and it certainly seems that way. Previous albums from hese guys were quite fragmented. Incorporating various styles including Punk, Ska, Hip Hop and most things inbetween. This is probably the first release, where they have defined their sound and seem to really have it together. Keeping it a full-on dub experience and what a difference it's made. Highly recommended. Details from

June 26th


We really are so pleased to hear of this album's release. As long term followers of the mighty Zion Train, we've been hoping on a new LP for a while. Their last studio album being in 2015, although there have been a couple of compilations released since. If you've never heard them, this is UK Dub Reggae at it's very best. It is also probably their finest release since 1995's groundbreaking Homegrown Fantasy album. Now available on vinyl too, grab yourself a copy from Universal Egg.

June 19th


For those of you old enough to remember hearing Caravan's - In the land of grey & pink for the first time, the effect is much the same from this album. Like the previous Magic Bus excursions, expect the most melodic of hippie-esque lyrics, lovely laid back soft vocals and wonderful harmonies too. Musically the band are a very tight unit, featuring exceptional vintage keyboard playing from ex Kula Shaker & Oasis man, Jay Darlington. Another band that play the UK festival scene each year. So with C19 putting the kibosh on most events this year, the new album could'nt have come at a better time. Available on Back To The Garden Records via the band's website :

June 12th


One of the finest instrumental spacerock & psych bands currently playing the UK underground scene, Spacedogs have done it again. Another amazing abum, this one being a tribute to guitarist / drummer Wayney Wayne, who sadly died from cancer just a few months ago. All instruments on this album are played by either the main man Dave Onley, or the late Wayney Wayne. Let's hope that Covid19 dissapears soon, so we can all get back to seeing them playing live outdoors at a summer festival. Available now from

June 5th


Son of Ian, Baxter Dury returns with his sixth sudio album. Progressing with his recordings a little more each time, we would suggest that this is his best album so far. Still refusing to sing and grumpily speaking his way through the songs, has become part and parcel of the deal. Musically the album sounds not unlike one of his father's, with female backing vocals adding to the flavour. This and his previous album now being the two stand-outs. Out now on Heavenly, you can check out the man's website here :

May 29th


Introducing Davi, who was originally a drummer with a couple of well known Brazilian bands, before moving to Germany in 2012. We have great admiration for this guy, as not only does he play all instruments on the album, he also did all the recording, mixing and final mastering! Multi-talented Davi has now released his debut solo album, containing some mind-bogglingly groovy fuzzed-out hardcore psych. Mastered to a hairline fracture away from distortion, though without going into the red, this album is an absolute must!

May 22nd


CITIZENS OF BOOMTOWN. Yes folks, after 36 years believe it or not, The Rats are back! Sounding as cool as they ever did, the new album gives a nostalgic nod to some of their first musical loves. Considering how old they all are, the new album still shines through with plenty of sparkle and one or two very catchy tunes that you will find yourself singing later. New New Wave,or perhaps Old Wave Renewed... either way, we are  so glad it's happened! Details here :

May 15th


...CRYSTAL COCONUT. A curious title for the new Alestorm album. A band with an established sound. They are hard-hitting, fast-paced power metal, with the occasional thrash riff. Yet incorporating fun folk or pirate metal, with sometimes a quite symphonic sound. Basically, if you love previous albums from Alestorm, then you are gonna love this too. More of the same, but well worth adding to any collection. Further details @

May 8th


.. OF THE INEVITABLE! Hailing from Manchester UK, come the excellent Chemtrails once more. Punk Slime Recordings describe them as Garage-Punk and Acid-Corroded NewWave, which is a pretty good decription. Two female vocalists front the band, giving the album a rather Indie, but Psychedelic feel to it. The combination works strangely well. Highly recommended by The Overflow, the album is out on May 15th. Also available on vinyl. Check it out here :

May 1st


THE GHOST OF PILGRIM STREET is the title of this wonderful new vinyl release, recorded 40 years ago!!! The album never saw the light of day until now, a forgotten gem from the past, mastered from an old demo tape. The band featured Brian Bond & Tim Jones, who both played with Punishment Of Luxury back in the day. The rough jagged energy of punk, mixed with sophisticated Zappa-esque time signatures, Talking Heads-like grooves and post-prog textures, this is one fascinating LP! Available from 


If you love your guitar, fuzz and rock music, then this is the album for you. Amazingly psychedelic, Satorinaut are one of the new favourites on the Starship Overflow right now. They were originally a space-postrock jam trio, built from members of Korgoth, Lemurian Folk Songs/Liquidacid and Robi, the bass himself. In their own words - Based on the SATORI. Keep on the railroad of all night long jams, psychedelia and love! The place to be is

April 17th


COSMIC RITUAL SUPERTRIP! A fantastic new album that certainly lives up to it's name! The Italian fuzz trio have a solid formula, merging 70's tones with the stoner rock vibe that came wafting onto the scene in a mist of green smoke back in the 1990's. Hard n heavy, yet melodic and addictive. This is probably our favourite party album of the year so far. The LP issued in various coloured vinyls, including a two tone yellow and blue edition. It's a 'must have'!

April 10th


You may not have heard the name before, but the chances are you've heard his music. Jim Davies has played with a number of bands. The most famous being as the guitarist with The Prodigy & also Pitchshifter. This, his first proper solo album has many musical influences. The result being a guitar driven sound, incorporating elements of industrial and electronic music. So what do we think? ...Fabulous! Out today on Extreme Music, find more information here :

April 3rd


We tend not to feature many EP's on our CD of the  week page. However, this one was too good to be missed out! Long time U.S. favourites, the Rats have been played more times on the Starship Overflow than we can remember. Their unique brand of Punk/Parody/Satire, includes melodic riffs and the best punk vocals you could possibly wish for. Brought to us by singer and founder member Jim Fourniadis. Multi talented Jim, has also turned his hand (and voice) to radio presentation and can currently be heard every Sunday as part of Starship Overflow's Sunday Service eah week on River Gibbs FM. Check out info on the Rats here :

March 27th


Wow... If you are a Gong fan, this one is gonna blow ya trip forever! A brand new box set, featuring the Radio Gnome trilogy, along with stacks and stacks of alternate versions, outakes, live recordings and more! The whole caboodle is spread across a massive 13 discs and retails at around the £100 mark. In our wise opinion here at The Overflow, it's worth every penny! So go and grab one quickly before they dissapear. As this will definetely be a real collectors item in years to come.

March 20th


Heavy Psychedelic Stoner Rock just about sums up this excellent new release from Germany's Colour Haze. The band first surfaced in 1995, so already have around 14 album releases if you include the live ones. They moved to Elektrohasch Records in 2003, for their 6th album release and 17 years on, that's where they remain. The music being far more fine tuned on We Are, than with previous releases. Full details from

March 13th


The title does exactly what it is says on the tin... Hold tight for the Acid Punk Dub Apocalypse! Yeah, what a groovy album indeed. Featuring the ultimate in bass players from Public Image Ltd and Killing Joke. Youth has since made a successful career in production, which really shines through as a fine example of his work on this marvelous new album. Further details from :

March 6th


These guys are a new band on us, kindly sent in by Lulu @ Worst Bassist Records. However this band are'nt a part of the label, they are another of the many top notch psych bands & artists, that use bandcamp to promote their music. In a nut shell, Sarkh are an instrumental band, playing often heavy and intense post-rock / metal, with a psychedelic tinge to it. Expect anything from atmospheric echoing, to heavy grooving, if not positively raging storms... oh and most things inbetween. Grab your copy here : https:/

Feb 29th


Once upon a time, we could have referred to these guys as a Spacedub band. Mixing Dub style beats, with spacerock sounds and the vocals of ex-Dr.Brown frontman Kev Ellis. BUt over the years, they have deveoped into more than just Dub. These days, whether you are checking out one of their gigs, or getting stuck into this fabulous newalbum, you can expect to hear they have branched out, into a more Spacerock sound. So perhaps Mr.Ellis has gone back to his roots! Either way, thisnewrelease comes highly reccomended by The Starship Overflow. Available @

Feb 21st


Live at Kozfest 2017. Having had the immense pleasure of being part of the crew for these guys 2 or 3  times, we've been saying for ages.... how we wish they would put out a new CD. Then suddenly came an announcement of the unveiling of this at The King Arthur in Glastonbury tomorrow. If you've never seen The mighty Groundhogs play, it's nowhere near too late. Currently out on a full UK tour, playing their unique blend of Bluesy Psych Hard Rock, sounding every bit as good as they ever did. Go see them, get the CD, buy the T-shirt! We love 'em, so will you!

Feb 14th


For sulfur guitar lovers, Prog from beyond the grave and blip blup blop of old synthesizers. Blitzkrieg fuzz and geyser Free. Bass escaping from the Minas Morgül's dungeons, and Nostromo’s drums travelling at the speed of light. Vicious solos and assassins bends. Acid krautrock and cosmic-comics jazz! There are distant echoes and reveries, celestial choirs illuminating space. And r r e e p p e e t t i i t t i i o o n n. Ancestral voices and ancient extraterrestrial rites. Abyssal doom and apocalyptic noise. There's chaos and there's silence. But mainly chaos! Stoner/Spacerock at it's very best. Out Feb 28th.

Feb 7th


SPIRIT OF THECAT. Natural progression from The Rabbits Hat, Census Of Hallucinations were put together by the Stome Premonitions family (or collective) in the year 2000. Fronted by the incredibly talented Tim Jones, prolific songwriter, vocalist & all-round musician, the band are still producing new material 20 years on. However, this one, their new release, is a compilation of some of their finest songs. Including  both of our favourite Census songs, Stragon Cluin The Dragon & 55,000 airmen. This album is a great place to start if you've just discovered Census, as well a very cool compilation for the car!

Jan 31st


Work is the curse of the drinking class! That's the rather clever title of this brand new release from a bunch of offbeat celts named Finnegans Hell. Their sound is a mixture of celtic punk and folk rock, with influences from far & wide including Hillbilly country, Hard rock & sewdish folk roots. A collection of catchy songs and sing-alongs, this their third full album release is quite a force to be rckoned with. A unique style of their own, probably only comparible to that of The Pogues.. though again, different! Out now on Wild Kingdom Records

Jan 24th


We first stumbled upon this young band at what was previously known as the Deptford Free Festival in South London (now known as Party in the park). A lively bunch, blending the sounds of London anarcho-punk, with ska and reggae beats, along with female vocals... it's got to be a winning combination. Having not made any new music in around 8 years, it's fantastic to have them back with a brand new 8 track mini album. Amongst the chaos is guaranteed to get you singing and/or jumping about. So make sure you dont miss out. Available @

Jan 17th


It's become apparent, that Sweden really is the home of Doom & Stoner Rock these days. But these guys cant quite be described as either. More along the lines of Space Rock, but containing elements of the afore mentioned, YG have done us proud with yet another full-on cosmic vinyl platter of interplanetary radiation for the brain! 100% recommended by The Starship Overflow, if you wish to free the mind or fry the mind, then this is for you. Available now on Sound Effect Records.

Jan 10th


New music that is also old music! Originally issued in 2010 in Russia only, on the Shadowplay label, it's not before time that this wonderful album gets it's CD release in the UK. Astralasia were formed back in 1990, as an ambient dub side project of The Magic Mushroom Band, but have come a long long way since those days. The technical wizardry of Swordfish is what's held them together for so many years, producing stacks of albums and still playing live every summer on the UK festival scene. Available now from

Jan 3rd 2020


Kicking off a new year and a new decade, with our first featured album for 2020, the debut full length studio release from Marisa & The Moths. For fans of Halestorm, Audioslave & Foo Fighters amongst others, the band sing about life, anxiety and sexism on this remarkable new modern rock album. Which also includes the three important singles, Slave, Needy & Skin. All in all a fresh new sound featuring Marisa's wonderful vocals and songs that are gona stay with you. Not to be overlooked!

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