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Dec 28th


Introducing Greenleaf to The Overflow! The same question arises three years after the beautiful Rise Above The Meadow: Why oh why are Greenleaf not packing the biggest venues just like bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age? Well, it can't be the fault of “Let It Out!”, the heavenly groovy opener of that album's follow up, Hear The Rivers. The rest of the album also turns out to be quite the mesmerizing bag of tricks that seizes the Swedish Stoner sound and enriches it with so many wonderful things. A great album from start to finish and a fitting way to enjoy the final days of 2018 - Enjoy!

Dec 21st


..THE MELTING PARAISO UFO - REVERSE OF REBIRTH IN UNIVERSE! In 2016, 21 years after Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. were founded in Osaka, Japan, there was a major shift in the line-up and "Next Generation" was added to the bands name. They now view the first 20 years of their career as chapter one in the  story and are now turning the page to start chapter two. In thier own words... It's now 2018 and it's time to re-record our classics with this new line-up, we just opened the door to the next stage!” Total psychedelic madness ensues BEWARE!!!

Dec 14th


One of our favourite alternative-rock bands of the late 90's onwards, The Contrast return with a fantastic new studio album, their 8th masterpiece! The band hail from Peterborogh, England and their influences include folk, rock'n'roll, surf, psychedelia, 60's pop, punk, surrealism and sci-fi! Add it all together and you get a pretty cool mix of catchy melodic pop-rock tunes. We first saw the band play live in Camden back in 2001 and given the chance would love to see them again! Do not miss out on this one. Available via

Dec 7th


The first time Dream Machine have been featured on our CD of the week page. A mind-blowing modern acid-rock band, playing a selection of captivating instrumental psychedelic soundscapes that you will want to listen to again & again. This magnificent 4-piece band, include the brilliant Alex Pym, one hell of a guitarist & the superb Jon Egan, flutist extraordinaire with the mighty Ozric Tentacles for many years. Temple of dreams has to be their finest release to date. Also now available on Vinyl LP. Details @

Nov 30th


When their previous album Subdiffusion came out back in 2016, we could not stop playing it. Bands such as these often put out one outstanding album and cant live up to it ever again. But this is definetely NOT the case with ECS. Who would have thought that two years on they would come up with such an incredible masterpiece. It's worth buying Terremoto, on the strength of the second track alone. The lyrics... We are everything, Everything we wanted to be... accompany a seriously catchy strong upbeat spacey tune, to make this song an outstanding track and an absolute anthem that should remain with you for life! It really is that good!!! 9 tracks of ECS bliss, DO NOT MISS!

Nov 23rd


Well if you've never heard anything by The Prodigy, then where the hell have you been for the last 25+ years? A new studio album at long last. The music is as 'in your face' as it ever was. In fact Liam was taken down a peg or two and criticised in the media recently for not bothering to change The Prodigy's direction to keep up with the times. But to any life-long Prodigy fans (such as us), it's exactly what we like, want and to a certain degree expect! So we say good on ya Liam for keeping The Prodigy more like The Prodigy, than pandering to the whims of record companies and the media. BRAVO! The album is out now on BMG.

Nov 16th


It seems there are many bands celebrationg important anniversaries this year. For Jim Fourniadis's Rats Of Unusual Size, it's 3 decades of amazing music. American comedy-punk is the order of the day. Many highly amusing songs over the years, as well as some absolute stonking tunes with Jim's powerful vocals, which have rocked our world here on board The Starship Overflow. We first played them after hearing John Peel play one of their songs back in the day.... and have'nt stopped since! 12 top tunes on Duck, we love them all! Have a listen @

Nov 9th


Another band celebrating a momentus year. It's the 35th anniversary of the coming together of Deviant Amps and to celebrate, they have released this brilliant new Live album. Fronted by founding member Paul Woodright, they have been through numerous line-up changes. Their current line-up being something very special. More psychedelic rock of the most acidic kind. Often full-on, their guitar driven soundscapes are the bees knees and always with Paul's lovely layed-back soft hippie vocals to accompany. Further info on their various releases by heading off to :

Nov 2nd


After recently celebrating another milestone anniversary, Magic Moments At Twilight Time return with their brand new studio album. A band we have been following since the early 90's, when founder & singer Mick Magic, came to stay aboard The Starship Overflow, eating us out of ship & muesli! In case you've never heard them, in style it's upbeat electronic spacerock, with many twists and turns. Vocals provided by various female singers over the years, along with Mick himself. Highly recommended, the new album is probably their best to date. Sounding digitally wonderful,  in comparison to the old faithful cassette releases from years ago. Out on TMR Records, further details at

Oct 26th


Following up last years album - Six, the return of The Hawklords! The new album Brave new world is without any doubt their best yet. Have to same exactly the same about their new revised line-up. They sound better than ever and anyone that's seen them play live says the same! 7 original tracks written by Jerry Richards & friends. Space rock at it's finest, capturing the true Hawkwind sound from years ago. Track one - Devil in your head, has to be their greatest song ever. So very catchy, you'll be lucky to shake it off in days.... I could'nt! Available from their ebay shop from today. Further info from

Oct 19th


Intoducing.... The mighty Chaos Surfers! Totally brilliant debut album from the band that features reknown psych musician Craig High (Formerly of legendary festival band Psycho's Mum), as well as The Strange Agency and many many others over the years. The album itself, 12 upbeat spacerock tunes, 11 of which are own compositions. The 12th being an excellent cover version of Hawkwind's Hassan I Sabbah (written by Dave Brock). All in all, a monsterously good album, another of the very best from 2018. It gets it's release in early December. For further details check out : 

Oct 12th


The first time these guys have appeared on the CD of the week page, we welcome Swedish band Domkraft, an artist from Magnetic Eye Records. Their style of music is positively hypnotic and
cataclysmic doom has equal footing in the urgent wail of Neurosis and the astral grooves of Spacemen 3 and Hawkwind. So you know exactly where these guys are coming from. Check out the album to see where they are going!

Oct 5th


Wasteland is the title of the fantastic new album from Uncle Acid & Co. The band signed to Rise Above Records for the release of their last album and have bettered their sound even more for this splendid follow-up. A mind-blowing mixture of Stoner Rock, psychedelic freak-out's, modern metal and choice melodic vocals, make this one of the finest albums of 2018. Includes some very catchy songs too, which may stay with you for hours! Out on the 12th, get your copy right here :

Sept 28th


Aaaaaaaaaaargh! ...Well that about sums it up really! An awesome forthcoming album, from these plank-walking, beard sporting, sword swishing, one-legged sea-faring cornish punk rockers, known as Pirate Copy. A great party album, top tunes that will stay in your head forever and most importantly an amazing album to annoy the neighbours with! Also fondly loved by dentists everywhere. AAAAAAAAARGH! Think Dropkick Murphys and then some.... Further details from

Sept 21st


From one of our favourite labels Sulatron Records, comes the debut self titled LP from swedish spacerockers Ufo Over Lappland. The album was originally released on cassette only in 2016, but was saved from dissapearing into obscurity, thanks to this wonderful coloured vinyl reissue. Expect hypnotic rhythms with spacey sounds, trancey basslines and repetitive guitar loops. All part of their monsterously groovy sound! Full details on how to obtain the vinyl @

Sept 14th


An absolutely incredible new triple LP set, or triple CD from Fruits De Mer Records. A label that has brought us some outstanding releases over the last 10 years. The LP version comes in 3 different coloured vinyls and the collection includes many of our favourite artists. Including : Magic Bus, Anton Barbeau, The Honey Pot, Cary Grace, Jay Tausig, Sidewalk Society, The Pretty Things and many many more, with their own unique tributes to the original 60's psychedelic era. 100% marvelous! You definetely need a copy of this and you get one right here :

Sept 7th


A very different approach from the mighty Hawks this time round. One-time wombler Mike Batt has been drafted in, to add an orchestral input to the bands sound. Upon initial listening, it was a bit of a shock to the system after nearly 50 years of their usual top notch spacerock. But dont let that deter you. New versions of old favourites, with Dave Brock back on main vocals (at last) and we must say, that he still sounds awesome at 77 years young! The album really grows on you and the new versions soon become as acceptable as the old ones. So give it a listen and if you're not sure the first time, then listen again! Available from Cherry Red Records, the bands official website is :

Aug 31st


Another band to feature on our CD of the week page for the first time, even though we have been playing their groovy brand of music for sometime. Following up their previous release Smoking Land, comes Smoking Land Pt.2. More great instrumental stoner rock from France. To be honest, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Supreme stoner rock and that's all we have to say on the matter. Check them out for yourselves @

Aug 24th


Introducing the excellent Void Commander. The band hail from Karlskrona in Sweden and produce a fantastic blend of Stoner & Psych Rock. Expect a layed-back fuzz infusion, along with a more traditional darker rock sound from the early 70's, as prescribed by the likes of Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin. The best track on this 5 song EP, has to be Game of mushrooms, closely followed by Space demons. Highly reccomended. Grab yourselves a copy @

Aug 17th


Featuring for the first time on our CD of the week page, we welcome festival band Delphini, who have risen from the ashes of projects past. in their own words... Fresh from the chrysalis and stretching our wings, we are making new sounds! We found each other playing in other bands at psychedelic festivals, flittering about the lights! Nicely put. The band have a great sound, which you can check out on their bandcamp page, where you can also purchase their various releases.

Aug 10th


Back with a brand new studio album for 2018, come the brilliant Sinister Locals, fronted by musician extraordinaire Nathan Hall. Had this band been around in the 60's, they would have gone down in history alongside bands like The Pretty Things, for their classic psych-pop sound. Not only are many of the bands songs extremely catchy, lyrically they are absolutely mindblowing! Probably the best psych-pop band of this generation. Like their other releases, you cant fault them! Highly recommended.

Aug 3rd


We cant recall ever being so excited about a young band from Denmark, as we are about these guys! Surely they are destined for greater things, as this is a magnificent album. If you cross D-A-D with Soundgarden, then you are getting closer to their sound. But rather than listening to us, you really should check out this release for yourself. Without doubt, currently the best live act from Denmark, flamboyant in performance, energetic, melodic and most of all exciting! Thoroughly recommended by The Overflow. Available from the 31st of this month on Drakkar Records. Further details from

July 27th


What a great name for an album... The revolt against tired noises! What exactly is a tired noise? Well it certainly is'nt how we'd describe this album. Fast becoming one of our favourite labels, Heavy Psych Sounds does exactly what it says on the tin. Yawning Man being no exception. They are described as being one of the original U.S. desert bands, incorporating a lovely mellow guitar sound into their psych tinged songs. Our favourite being 'Catamaran', though there are also another seven top tunes to choose from. So pull up a beanbag, sink back, relax and drift away  with Yawning Man.

July 20th


We welcome german freaks The Moonshine Brand to Hour 3 the Starship Overflow, currently being playlisted each week. Their 45 minute long album, is cram-packed with amazing psychedelic acid rock tracks. It does'nt take a genius to work out just how much time and effort has been put into the making of this release. Our favourite? Hmmmm... 'Free your mind', 'Surfing through space', or perhaps 'Daughter of the moon'? So many good tunes, it's a real difficult one. Out now on Burning Wax Productions, you can find out more from the band's website @

July 13th


Wow! 50 years of making some of the most wonderful progressive folk-rock in the universe! That alone is a massive achievement. Ian Anderson is a legendary performer & singer/songwriter/musician. There will certainly never be another like him. This 3CD collection spans the last 5 decades, with remastered greats such as 'Living in the past', 'Aqualung', 'Locomotive Breath', 'Heavy horses', 'Songs from the wood', 'Skating away', 'Fylingdale flyer', 'Broadsword' and so many more. A marvelous set for the fan, collector and newcomer to their music. Available now from Parlophone Records. The band's official website being  :

July 6th


It's been a 4 year wait for a new studio album from these guys. Melodic hard-rock/metal is the order of the day and it does'nt come much better than this! Rather more polished, diverse and catchy than some of their earlier albums, this one definetely wont dissapoint. So turn it up way past loud until overload and blow out the windows (which will really piss the neighbours off). Top album... dont take our word for it, go check it out here :

June 29th


These guys are old hands at making cool psychedelic sounds. Founded in Lisbon, Portugal back in 1996, they have had some wonderful releases over the years. Currently with Elektrohasch Records of Germany, the label have released this new compilation album. Although it's kind of a best of, featuring many older tracks, all songs have been re-recorded so are all new versions.Fantastic album as it is, it wont be available until September 6th. So keep busy for now! Further info from :

June 22nd


So here it is! The eagerly awaited debut album from young australian band Medusa’s Wake, founded in 2015 in Sydney. Playing a mixture of Celtic and Australian folk in the spirit of The Pogues and Roaring Jack, using accordion, mandolin, banjo and tin-whistle. These are a marvelous band, with a superb debut album that we promise will not dissapoint you. Check out the song samples at Amazon and find further info @

June 15th


T-Tone Rekkids presents Heavy Blarney Celtic rock band and The Bing Turkby Ensemble. From Turakina, via Castle Xanthros, all the way to sunny Palmy, the Bing Turkby Ensemble brings you a theatrical rock show like no other. Starting in 1996 as one man, a wig and a tape deck, the band now features this cast of miscreants: Bing Turkby, Tyrone T. Blowhard, Slapskins McBOOOm, and MacDeth! Superb modern take on celtic music. We love it! Available now from :

June 8th


Can anyone else out there look past the ample cleavage and spot what a minger the girl on the cover is? She does look ancannily like one of the band members! Since Lordi made history by being the first band from Finland to win Eurovision, they have had a string of marvelous hard rock albums. Still going strong 12 years on and they return with another cool LP. Sexorcism is as good as it gets with Lordi. One of their finest, filled with melodic hard rock'n'roll. Just the way we like it! New from AFM Records, check out hee band @

June 1st


What no E? Dont all Chickens have an E for egg in them? Apparently not! CHICKN is a rock band formed during the Christmas holidays of 2012 in Athens, Greece. It's a shape evolves in time, occupying its necessary vital and expressive space while denying any prediction. It's a game, or at least it always starts as a game. Musically.... Alternative rock, with nods to new wave, psychedelic & the underground scene. Playing regularly on Hour 3 of The Overflow each week, this is quite an album!

May 25th


Could these guys be the new Ozric Tentacles? Breathing fresh life into psychedelic soundscapes, these fine fellows really know how to make the perfect album. Compelling listening from this very talented instrumental band, which includes seven lengthy tracks. All of which are between nearly 7, to 9 minutes long. There is'nt a duff song here. They will all make it difficult for you to try and sit still in your favourite chair! Our favourite being Track 3, the brilliant Tiktaalik. Check out the album for yourselves right here...

May 18th


Fruits De Mer Records are reknown for their wonderful packaging. Such as coloured vinyls in various formats. Sendelica on the other hand, have become one of the premier Spacerock bands on the UK festival scene in recent times. So put the two together and what do you get? An absolutely stunning triple 10" coloured vinyl package, cram packed with some of the best psychedelic rock on the planet! Out of the 3 Cromlech Chronicles releases, this third part of the trilogy is not only the best of the bunch, but also a marvelous close to the complete set. Buy it.... Buy it now!

May 11th


 - Science fiction is the name of their brand new second seudio release. Nottingham’s seven-piece Church of the Cosmic Skull revealed themselves as a ‘religious movement’ with the accompanying release of their critically acclaimed debut album, Is Satan Real? in 2016. It was an album which embraced early 1970’s prog/psych/folk rock stylings rather lovingly and admiringly. This new release is possibly better than the first. Certainly natural progression. Check out the album on quality vinyl release this month @ 

May 4th


Absolutely stunning new album from UK restival favourites Flutatious. The new release consists of a collection of songs, some older popular tunes re-recorded and some new material too. If you've not heard them before, Flutatious have a varying dance beat to most tracks, lots  of flutes & fiddles, female vocals and some fantastic lead guitar riffs as well. All in all, a wonderul live festival band and a new album that really captures the spirit. Released by long term friends of The Overflow - Magick Eye Records.

April 27th


The very first time we have featured this band on either the show or our CD of the week page. Hailing from one of our favourite labels 'Heavy Psych Sounds', cone the brilliant Monsternaut. Heavy stoner rock in style, with psychedelic tinges and acute energy levels! This is one for you if you are into loud guitar riffs, heavy rock, or any of the more recent Stoner & Psychedelic cultures that exist today. A proper party album from start to finish! Available from today. Details here :

April 20th


...THE BEST OF THE 70'S & 80'S! So here it comes... another fantastic compilation from the guys at Bristol Archive Records, preserving the sound of local talent from days gone by. Some amazing old reggae tunes on this one, including sounds from 'Talisman', 'Revelation Rockers', 'Bunny Marett', 'Cool Runnings', 'Popsy Curious', 'The Zion Band', 'Joshua Moses', 'Restriction' and so much more. An absolute must for any reggae completist. Available now from

April 13th


There has never really been a bad Damned album, since they first surfaced on Stiff Records way back in 1977 with 'Music for pleasure'. Although their style has changed and changed again through the years, they still sound great both musically & vocally. The new album has some catchy tracks on it, including our favourite -Standing on the edge of tomorrow'. Whether you were one of the original punks or not, this is a splendid new release, which is out today on Spinefarm Records. Details from 

April 6th


Still sounding as excellent as he ever did, 80's singer Kirk Brandon (Originally of Theatre Of Hate), has excelled himself yet again, with a fabulous new album from his long running succesful band Spear Of Destiny. Every track on the album is good, which you cannot say about many new releases these days. Our favourite being the superb 'Medievalists.' Check out the album for yourselves. Released yesterday, find further information @

March 30th


Omegaville is the third release on Rocket for his power trio alongside bassist Gareth Turner (who appeared on the other side of the debut Rocket Recordings 7” (with his then-band Lilydamwhite) and drummer Jesse Webb -who lives up to its name in driving just such demented predilections into head-spinning chaos. The band themselves formed from the remains of legendary 80's/90's psych band The Heads. Find out more @

March 23rd


Phenomenal second studio disc by this outstanding instrumental heavy guitar rock band from Greece featuring the brilliant, prolific, axe-master skills and musical vision of Stavros Papadopoulos. Includes 10 tracks of mega-awesome, dynamic, blues-based, sonic guitar rock music that defies gravity and lands with world-class excellence. Highly reccomended by The Starship Overflow. You really should check out this album. Available from March 30th @

March 16th


The first time this band have ever been featured on our CD of the week page, The Local Blue hail from Skopje in Macedonia. In their own words, they play different kinds of psychedelic dynamic waves that'll take you to space! The connection between the instrumentalists intends to enhance the mind-altering experiences of the human mind. So now you know! Check out this marvelous release, available May 9th from PMG Recordings @

March 9th


... OF THE INEXPRESSIBLE! Overflow favourites Shpongle take us back in time for their next release. Originally issue back in 2001 on Twisted Records, this excellent instrumental album has now been remastered and reissued. It was their debut album that year, cram packed with a mixture of planetary & interplanetary trips, taking you on a truly exciting musical voyage. Soundscapes of an Ozrics type style, with added beats & sound effects to set it all pff a treat!

March 2nd


We welcome american band Starcrawler to The Starship Overflow. Hailing from Los Angeles, a rock band that have quickly accumulated a large following for their live shows, release their debut self titled LP. Fronted by the amazing Arrow DeWilde, te band kind of have an Iggy & The Stooges feel about them. Grungey style US rock  punk of the highest order. Brand new from Rough Trade Records, the album is available now. Details @

Feb 23rd


We wish Gregg McKella and all the guys from Paradise 9 congratulations, on making that monumentus mark of 20 years in the music business. This excellent collection includes all the favourites from this UK festival band, recorded Live at various different times at gigs & festivals around the country in recent years. If you've never heard or seen them play live, this is a great place to start. Though we still reccomend you go and see them in the flesh, as the atmosphere is always amazing. Find out more about the new double album @

Feb 16th


One of the best new albums of 2018 so far.... Green Seagull are one of the latest bands to burst out of London's thriving neo-psych scene, taking their name from a mis-heard Rolling Stones lyric! Their harmony laden baroque / freakbeat sound draws upon influences such as The Kinks, The Association & The Left Banke amongst others. This new release is their first full length studio LP for Mega Dodo Records and would be a real asset to any record collection. Thoroughly brilliant from start to finish, the LP will be available from March 30th on lovely green vinyl.

Feb 9th


Introducing a top band from New Jersey USA, bring on The Spider Rockets! Along came a spider, is the fifth album release by the band, available on P-Dog Recods. It's difficult to categorize them into one particular genre of music, probably Garge Rock is the closest. Really it's their own unique style, twisting & turning against the grain of what everyone else is up to. Our advice, give the album a listen, as we know you wont be dissapointed. Find out more @

Feb 2nd


Yes the amazing Marmozets are back! West Yorkshire's hottest property signed to Roadrunner Records bring us a brilliant new album. Its been a while as singer Becca damaged her knee, had an operation that left her temporarily bedridden and therefore had plenty of time whilst recouperating to make big plans for the band's return. Now with a more matured style than before, they are incorporating everything from pop music to rave beats to add to their usual formula of hard guitar driven rock and that trademark scream she does oh so well. Overall... a blistering new album!

Jan 26th


RHYTHM DISTORTION DELAY. Yeah!!! Now there's one hell of a title. We saw this band play when they first started out a few years ago. They were great then, but in no time at all have managed to polish their sound and release two amazing albums! Cambridge band Psychic Lemon not only give us fuzz guitar, psychedelic soundscapes and exceptional riffery, they also add vocals to the flavour, creating some marvelous songs on both this and their previous release. They are now with Tonzonen Records for the latest studio album, so you grab your copy here :

Jan 19th


Hailing from Germany... Introducing the excellent Vulva with their debut album release. A great new 4 piece band, who have created a revived 70's heavy psychedelic sound, incorporating krautrock in an impressive way.  Anything with heavy guitar riffs and sparkling hammond organ passages is alright by us. Quite a monster of an album, drawing on influences such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Witchcraft, Pentagram & many others. DO NOT MISSOUT! Available from Feb 16th, further details from :

Jan 12th


RESURRECTION OF KRAUTROCK : OMEGA. Bringers of spacerock & underground sounds from Croatia, Seven That Spells have now been producing albums for 15 years.  The next in their series of Krautrock albums - Omega, is now available on CD from Sulatron Records. There will also be a Vinyl issue in the coming wqeeks, so look out for that. Highly reccomended by The Overflow, this is one of their finest albums so far. 

Jan 5th 2018


- DEVIL OR GOD. Let's face it, any band that incorporates the words 'Balls of the devil' in to their own band name, have got to be worthy of a listen at least!!! Born from the ashes of 'Rabid' emerges a new exciting sound in the form of these guys with their debut vinyl LP! Not just another punk album, but more of a Steampunk, Hard blues, even Pubrock sound make this release a real stonking album! Just released, it's available now from the long term masters of Indie Rock - Flicknife Records. Go here :

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