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So... where has that Space Stream gone... indeed?????

Let us explain... If you are one of our Space Stream listeners and were happily Tuned in & Turned on either last Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night, then you will have noticed that the stream went down rather early each of these evenings. Unfortunately at this stage we have no understanding of why this happened.

On Saturday May 1st, we took the decision to suspend Overflow 1 & 2 broadcasts until further notice, to give our stream provider some time to look into the source of the problem. They have been very helpful so far and will advise us as soon as a conclusion & hopefully a solution has been found.

In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience... The Space Stream will return soon - Watch this Space (man)! Should you wish to download any of the previous 61 programmes, they are all available absolutely free. Just drop us a line to :  & put 'SS Links' in the subject line and we will send you the entire list of download links.

Published on 04/05/2010 23:10:05

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