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Back in late 1997, sadly one of my favourite festival bands... 'The Tofu Love Frogs' split up. Almost 10 years on to the day, the original band members have reformed, have a new website, a myspace page and have announced a handful of festival dates through May - August this year. There were also plans for their own festival called 'Frogstock', though unfortunately they lost the site and are currently looking for another.

 Paddy & Mark Tofu!

The Tofu's released two CD's in the mid nineties, 'Rentamob' & 'Vegetable attack', both superb albums, plugged to death on Overflow Radio. In the summer of 1996, we recorded one of their live gigs at a club in Stratford and interviewed the band, all of which were broadcast the following month. Let's hope that we can have  a repeat performance in 2008.... WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Published on 10/05/2008 23:19:13

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