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Greetings friends,
We are now counting down the days as we approach next weeks Overflow extravaganza!!!

To celebrate 25 years of broadcasting, we will be on-air 24 hours a day between Friday 16th - Sunday 18th December.
Throughout the weekend there will be allsorts to hear, including many old pirate broadcasts from our chequered past.
These will feature a mutitude of our ex dj's including L.Blitz, Jethro Muckspreader, The Black Widow, Tim Rice, Shleppal The Bogey Man, Clair Bear, The Green Widow and many others.

Other features include a mini-series of 'The Alchemical Radio Show', hosted by The Reverend Rabbit. This show will include a spectacular selection of Undergound tunes, along with Reverend's rantings on life, the universe and everything!

There's also a re-incarnation of our successful programme 'The Space Stream', broadcast originally throughout 2009/2010. This one-off special live edition of the show will bring you a feast of space-rock, psychedelia and festival bands. On sunday... thinking caps on, as it's your chance to guess what was the year, as we play 'The Alternative Golden Years' (without Simon Bates lol).

Overnight each night, the return of an old voice to the Overflow, who produced shows for the station between 1992 - 2001. He was the voice of the original 'Nite-time Overflow' show, so that's exactly what he will be recreating for us, throoughout the wee small hours! Expect plenty of prog-rock and other musical delights featured on Overflow over the years.

Throughout the day on Saturday, it's the official 25th Birthday Party Live! Between Midday & Midnight anything could happen!!! Live and direct, we take you on a 12hr musical trip, beginning way back in 1986 and finishing in 2011 around Midnight. We hope you can join us for this momentus occasion.

Full details can be found on our 25th anniversary page in the menu on the left, just click and have a nose around!

Published on 09/12/2011 12:59:48

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