Greetings once again folks!

After a difficult couple of weeks or so, we are pleased to announce that The Overflow returneth!  The pc problems have finally been cured (we hope), all the piles of cd's have been filed in their correct places and the studio is looking a little healthier than usual, thanks to a jolly good sort-out.

Our first new playlist No 296 is now up for all to view... (see playlists page).

Finally a big thankyou to all you Bands/Artists, Record & PR companies for continuing to send in all your new releases. Although there is now a bit of a backlogue, we will get through everything within the next 2-3 weeks. So if you have sent us new music, but are not included on playlist 296 - DO NOT PANIC... just check back here over the next two weeks and you will see what we have been plugging.


Published on 28/10/2008 18:53:35


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