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Greetings friends,


For the benefit of those of you who are'nt on the mailing list, over the last few weeks there have been no new programmes from The Overflow. I had a minor accident a few weeks back, which put me out of action temporarily. Thanks go out to Radio Seagull, who did me proud as always and aired a few re-runs of recent shows.

My injuries are repairing well and at last I am able to get back in the studio. Firstly I must thank every one of you that sent in get well messages, I was overwhelmed by all the e-mail, which gave me a huge lift when I was feeling really crap! Also, many thanks to all the bands / artists / labels & PR companies for all the new music that has been arriving over the last few weeks, I have a monster stack to get through. Nothing will be overlooked, as I catch up on things over the forthcoming playlists, but please be patient until I get round to you.

A new playlist has now been posted on the playlists page (#318), it was actually put together just before the accident. Despite not being as current as it could be, I decided to use this first, before making any further lists.
More new playlists will follow soon, so make sure you turn on and tune in and check out the latest sounds!
Best regards to you all, Garry Lee.


Published on 12/06/2009 16:28:54

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