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Work began this morning (March 31st) at Stonehenge, to excavate a small area around some of the blue stones, to try and determine a more exact date as to when these stones were placed there and also their purpose. Building at Stonehenge, is estimated to have began around 3100BC, as a chamber of burials. After being abandoned for over a thousand years, 82 blue stones were transported from the welsh mountains in around 2150BC, then 150 years later, the huge Sarson Stones were brought across from the Marlborough Downs in Wiltshire, a few miles away.

These excavations are the first to happen at this sacred monument since the mid 1960's. Now that technology has moved on sufficiently, it is expected that significant discoveries should be made. The Stonehenge dig, will continue for the next fortnight.

Published on 02/04/2008 16:14:53

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