Hi once again,

It seems that the never ending saga of The Space Stream continues!!! Back on 21st May, we reported that both the Overflow 1 & Overflow 2 streams were testing again and that we hoped to return with new programming from June 6th. Unfortunately, thanks to our stream provider, this is not going to happen now.

Overflow 1 normally carries 'The Space Stream' & Overflow 2 carries 'The Overflow Archives', but both services were suspended for 3 weeks due to a fault at our provider's end, which meant the programmes were cutting off early each night. They promised to look into the problem and sort it, yet still have'nt done so. Therefore the two streams have been suspended for a second time, whilst we await further communication and promt action!

In the meantime we are currently looking at alternative stream providers in case we are let down further, though would prefer to re-commence programming through our existing outlet if the problems are resolved. More news on this very soon, let's hope that it's positive!!!  

Published on 03/06/2010 13:51:53


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