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Greetings friends...

Is it a bird, is it a plane.....  no no no no no...  It's the all new...Paul Windsor page!!!

After several halves of guiness and threatening one evening to write something for his page that we gave him in January 2008, it seems young Mr.Windsor has placed his glass on the bar and put biro to toilet-roll! Full of true stories, fine banter and several more halves of guiness, Paul's musings reveal life as an early anorak in northern England and the heart-warming tale of natural progression into the world of broadcasting.

Universal have already shown interest in gaining rights for the film and a working title has been quoted as 'Boat that rocked eckers like', starring E.Bargum as the legendary PW.

Intrigued? You should be... Go to the Paul Windsor page now (if you dare) and all will be revealed. Just rummage through the 'Strange things on Deck 5' and it will appear before your very eyes!

Published on 26/05/2009 16:26:50

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