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Greetings friends, here is the latest from Radio Seagull 1602khz AM.

From April 30th, the Seagull radio ship - MV Jenni Baynton, will once again be broadcasting from the seas. As the majority of the programmes will be happening Live, this will affect on-air times for The Overflow Radio Show, which is normally aired between 8-11pm on Saturday nights.

Here are the revised times :

Saturday May 1st :  9pm - Midnight

Saturday May 8th :  9pm - Midnight

Saturday May 15th :  10pm - 1am

From May 22nd, things get back to normal and The Overflow Radio Show returns to our regular slot between 8-11pm every Saturday night.

If you wish for further details on the forthcoming offshore broadcasts from Radio Seagull, please check out the official website @

Published on 28/04/2010 14:19:47

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