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A few days ago, we received news of the death of an old friend, 'Doug Brocklesby'. Doug worked on my first pirate station back in the early 80's - Radio East FM, under the name 'Duke Edmunds' and was heard on air quite regularly between 1983-1986.

I first met 'The Duke' back in around 1981. I was eager to start a pirate station and was'nt sure how to go about it, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology (Citizens Band Radio), it was an opportunity to seek, find and meet all the old pirates from the area. The first I met, was Radio East DJ - Ray Best, it was him that introduced me to the man. (In fact, Mr.Best has a lot to answer for, as he introduced me to our very own 'Tim Rice' as well!)

 DUKE EDMUNDS is pictured here, LIVE on RADIO EAST FM in early July 1986

What I remember most about Doug on air, was his infectious laugh. A giggle that progressed into a full on belly laugh, which in turn made everyone else in the studio laugh! He liked his 70's rock music and regularly played the likes of 'Lynyrd Skynyrd', 'The Doobie Brothers', 'Steve Miller Band' & 'Loving Awareness' but to name a few.

Although we've been given no official details, I believe Doug must have been 61 when he passed. The news was quite a shock when it came, as we had only been talking to him a few weeks ago, at the local Radio rallye. He seemed as happy as ever, same ol' Doug lol. I guess when you're time is up, it's just up! So I best not hang around here typing any longer, best get on and annoy a few more poor un-suspecting souls listening to the radio, just like the Duke did!

 There are not many photos left from the Radio East days... Here's a good one of the man himself, taken in late August 1986.


R.I.P - Doug Brocklesby aka 'Duke Edmunds'.

Published on 08/10/2009 14:38:42

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