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Stardate : December 17th 2011... 25 years since the launch of the Starship Overflow, as the cockpit stood earily empty!


December 16th - 18th 2011 brought the 25th anniversary broadcast of Overflow Radio. We had a fantastic weekend on board the ship, the music was blaring out loud 24/7 for our 3 day onslaught, as the e-mails came flooding in from many countries around the world.

Pictured above : One of the many party rooms on the ship. This photo taken of the aftermath at 3am on Monday 19th December!

Hosting the party were Garry Lee, David Lee (No relation lol) & The Reverend Rabbit. The atmosphere was amazing and thanks to you the listeners, it was a real buzz! We would like to sincerely thank every one of you that tuned in and turned on, all of you that e-mailed in, everyone who posted on our facebook page and those of you that partied hard with us all weekend long, what a total blast!!!

Pictured above : One of the studio technicians is found laying in the wreckage, in the early hours of sunday norning.

So we are now heading towards new year and indeed our 26th year of broadcasting. Not sure if we'll make another 25 years on air, but we'll give it our best!!! More live broadcasts are planned for the coming weeks ahead.

2012 here we come... may we wish each and every one of our listeners and supporters a very HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR and wherever you go, may the Overflow go with you!

Even in the early days of Overflow, the DJ's and crew always enjoyed a real good knees-up!!!

Published on 31/12/2011 00:29:01

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