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Greetings friends,
This week, brings the 23rd birthday of Overflow Radio, as we began broadcasting back on December 17th 1986. To mark the occasion, there will be a brand new show every night this coming week on The Space Stream. The first of the new shows took place last night (sunday 13th Dec), though this is the first chance that I have had to post anything here on the newspage, as things have been pretty manic on board the Starship Overflow this week!
Most of the 23rd birthday Space Stream shows will be Live, so join us each night, for some real alternative music.
As for the regular 3hr new release programmes, I will be producing two more 3hr playlists before christmas, then taking a break for a couple of weeks. This will not affect our schedule at all, programmes will continue as normal right the way through to New year.
We are still up there at Number 1 in our stream providers chart of most popular channels, so please keep turning on and tuning in with us, each night at 10pm (UK time) and enjoy the underground sounds from The Space Stream.
Best regards to you all, Garry Lee

Published on 14/12/2009 02:23:04

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