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Greetings friends,

It is with great pleasure that we bring you this latest piece of news! We reported some time ago here on the news page, that 'Overflow 1 - The Space Stream' had taken the number one position in our stream providers chart of most listened too stations.

Since then, nearly a year has passed and 'Overflow 1 - The Space Stream' is STILL at the top of the charts and has'nt moved a muscle in all this time! Not only that... since July 2009 when 'Overflow 2 - Radio Seagull' was launched (carrying shows from the archives), we have watched the station gradually climb the Top 20 chart, since it first entered at No17 in September that year.

Exactly a year on from then and Overflow 2 now holds the No2 postion!!!

Pictured below is a screenshot of the Top of the chart...

Once again, we have you the listeners to thank for supporting the station and continuing to 'Tune in & Turn on' every night. Our sincere thanks to you all. Both Overflow 1 & Overflow 2 broadcast via the players found on our 'Listen to The Overflow' page, here on this website. So if you have'nt tried us out yet, then why not put on your headphones, tune in, turn on and enjoy the music. You will also find the complete schedule on the same page.

Published on 05/09/2010 21:43:57

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