Greetings once again, here's the latest!

The new schedule has now been posted on our 'Listen to The Overflow' page, so to find out where & when to listen in, that's the place to look! After some tests earlier this week, Overflow 2 is officially launched tonight (Sunday 7th March) at 9pm & 11pm, with a new edition of The Overflow Archives.

Inbetween, from 10-11pm, there will be a special programme on Overflow 1. The Space Stream is proud to bring you the first airing (in full), of the debut album from 'Stone Premonitions 2010', a new collective of musicians with a unique & polished sound, to kick off a new decade of music from the SP family.

If you are a regular listener, please also take note of the revised times for The Space Stream, now an hour later on Monday & Tuesday evenings. This is due to the return of The Overflow Archives on River Gibbs FM, between 10-11pm on the same nights.

Hopefully that all makes sense.... if not, then drop us a line @  and we will put you in touch with L.Blitz! Then you'll wish that you'd never asked lol. But seriously folks... It's all self-explanatory on our 'Listen' page (we hope)!

Published on 07/03/2010 12:19:52


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