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Greetings friends...

Long gone are the days when the Overflow could just fire-up at any moment as a pirate station... in fact the memories of those days seem so long ago! We have now been broadcasting legally for 8 years via various different radio stations, though several attempts have been made in the past at running our own internet stream as well.

At last, some great news from the Starship Overflow! Yesterday (Saturday 11th July), we ran a test stream live on the internet between 7-8pm. The test proved very successfull and the sound quality of the stream was top-notch. There will be further tests this coming week in preperation for a brand new Overflow service.

At this stage, we are undecided as to what exactly to do with the new outlet. Various ideas are being looked into. One idea, is to run a stream of un-signed bands/artists, another is to run a very avant-garde stream containing oddities & rarities from the Overflow library. Finally, perhaps a psychedelic stream featuring space-rock, psychedelia and all things effervescent!

If you the listeners would particularly like to hear a stream playing any of the above, or perhaps you have an even better idea... do not hesitate to write in and make your suggestions. After all... we always aim to please!

The address to write is  :    


Watch this space for further details of our pending test transmissions. More info soon folks!

Published on 12/07/2009 02:31:47

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