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Last weekend, I took a rare trip up to the city of Norwich, a place that always did have an amazing music scene. I'm very pleased to tell you that it's still absolutely thriving. Dozens of decent music venues and plenty of bands to play them!

Back in the 90's, I worked at The Festival House/Samantha's Rock Club & The Oval Rockhouse for a while... Happy Daze!

 Head In The Clouds - Norwich

Every saturday, I used to visit the local headshop which I was amazed to find is still there. 'Head in the clouds' is an absolute goldmine for those who lead an alternative lifestyle, from various paraphanalia to clothing, this little shop has the lot.

Whilst wandering around the city centre, I stumbled upon 'The Dragon Fayre' and thought 'mmmmm what's this?' Held in an old church known as 'St.Gregory's Centre For The Arts', The Dragon Fayre was just what I was looking for. A great selection of second hand records and cd's, and many second-hand instruments for sale to. I went home with a two-foot tall african side-drum with strap, though i've yet to fathom why exactly.

I got talking to a woman called 'Rosamunde Woods' who runs St.Gregory's Arts Centre. It turned out to be the same lady that opened up 'Head in the clouds' many moons ago, so it seems the Norwich alternative scene have a lot to thank her for. They are currently seeking bands to play at St.Gregory's, so whether you are local to the area or not and fancy a gig there, contact Rosamunde on this number - 07910 153299, or e-mail

There is also a website available @

Published on 05/02/2009 23:27:22

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