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Greetings friends,

As we continue to approach our 25th birthday here at The Overflow, more changes are being made. The website has been practically abandoned in recent months, due to lack of time, illness and lots & lots of time spent programming.

Finally the website has been updated. Our CD of the week page is full of amazing new albums, most of the latest playlists have now been posted (just the archive playlists to do) and of course the news page has something different for you to read at last.

On the studio side, a lot has also been accomplished. The usual studio spring clean up, maintenance of  exisiting equipment, wiring desks etc etc is also now complete, along with a new CD player just for jingles / drop-in's and the like. We still dont have a new muff (or microphone wind-cover) for those of you with no sense of humour, though have sewn up the exisiting one - all mod cons lol.

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Also the latest programmes have a rather new sound, as we have two new jingle pcakages. One was homegrown organically, made from scavenged clips of B-Movies and various other amusing clips mixed with I.D's from our past. The other is a wonderful fresh selection of echoed spacey I.D's, kindly produced by Tim Jones of Stone Premonitions in conjunction with Dave Hendry from the amazing space-rock project Ohead. All in all these are great additions to our 1000 strong collection of jingles, that really enhance the atmosphere of the show - thanks chaps.

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That's about all that's new for now, though  expect more news over the coming months.

Not heard the shows yet - Why ever not??? Just click on 'Listen to The Overflow' in the menu on your left, to find out where and when you can tune in and turn on with The Overflow.

Published on 08/06/2011 15:11:11

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