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New sound for The Overflow

An impromptu break from programming this week, has paved the way for the chance to do a few jobs, that otherwise would have probably not got done until desperation had set in!!!

Radio Seagull are a week in hand with programmes recorded in advance and River Gibbs FM is about to re-launch in the coming weeks.... which for a pleasant change left me with time on my hands. For a long while now, I have been wanting to re-master some of our old jingles, particularly some that have remained unheard since the pirate days of the early 90's. Also, I have been collecting snippets of speech and sound effects over the last two years from various sources and storing them all in a file on the Overflow pc, ready for the day I had time to make some new jingles. At last that day arrived today.

Thirteen hours later and the results are most satisfying! We now have 102 fresh jingles to assault your ears with. 48 of these are brand new, made from the clips mentioned above. The other 54 are taken from a selection of old jingle tapes, which were made between 1992-94 and used up until the end of the pirate days in early 2001. These jingles have been cleaned up and re-mastered using minidisc and pc and now sound 100% better than they ever did.

The current rotation of programmes on Radio Seagull, means that you will hear Prog #309 on Saturday 7th & #310 on Saturday 14th, both of which have already been recorded. To hear the new jingles, tune in from Saturday 21st March, when Prog #311 will be aired... and all will be revealed!

Further news to follow soon on the re-launch of River Gibbs FM. It's getting close now, as the new studios are near completion. Once everything is in order, you will be able to hear The Overflow 7 days a week once again.


Published on 05/03/2009 00:59:12

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