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Greetings readers...

More exciting news from The Overflow Newsdesk (where Tim Rice once sat with a typically english newsreader's look on his face)! Over the last 2 nights we have been testing a new radio stream, ready to broadcast more programmes for you to enjoy. The Overflow Radio service has now been split into two seperate streams.

Overflow 1... will continue to broadcast the popular 'Space Stream' nightly from 10-11pm (UK time).

Overflow 2... will carry the Overflow Archive programmes  being aired on River Gibbs FM. The schedule for these programmes is undecided as yet, though it is expected they will run consecutively with The Space Stream on Sunday & Wednesday nights. To be sure of when to listen, please check our 'Listen to The Overflow' page, found in the main menu and all will be revealed.

Finally, a development in the last week... The Space Stream is kindly being relayed (as & when), by WCPR in Virginia USA. We are extremely grateful for the extra coverage and hope that the listeners there will manage to make some sense of what we are up to lol.. Happy Listening to one and all!

Published on 04/03/2010 01:11:29

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