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A picturesque pub called 'The Locks Inn' at Geldeston is the venue for a one-day free event called 'Lovestock', showcasing local roots and accoustic based music. The place itself is situated on the Norfolk side of the River Waverney between Beccles & Bungay.

 Behind the venue

Lovestock will be held this year on June 14th and a variety of sounds will fill your ears throughout the day. Everything from Blues to Country and Folk to Rockabilly, including allsorts from accoustic duo's, to a 6-piece folk-rock band. Artists include 'Murphys Lore', 'Mustard City Rockers', 'Twisted Routes' & 'The Folk Collective'. Full line-up available on the website  :

Published on 20/05/2008 23:24:31

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