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Greetings friends,

Whilst wandering aimlessly through the Overflow website last night, it came to my attention that I had'nt posted anything on the newspage since February! 'How slack is that' I thought, so am here to make ammends. There are reasons for not posting... one of the main ones being that there has been so much sad or bad news recently, that we did'nt want this page to convey continuous bad tidings! Another reason, was the fact that it's looked liked an obituary column here at times, which meant more doom and gloom!

Either way the time has come to mention a few things of importance.

Over the last few months we have seen the transition of more great musicians, from life on Earth to the great gig in the sky. For example from the world of Reggae, the great Sugar Minott left us, a man than gave us a wonderful selection of styles including Roots reggae, lovers rock and later on in his career, Dancehall reaggae. He made many albums between 1978 - 2009, but will probably be remembered best for his big UK hit 'Good thing going'. Here at 'The Overflow', our favourite was the classic reggae tune 'Herbman Hustling'.

More recently came the death of 80's star 'Smiley Culture'. He brought us the excellent song 'Cockney translation' a cheeky parody translating cockney slang to carribean lingo, as well as his classic song that hit the UK charts 'Police officer'. Rather ironically, Smiley died earlier this year whilst the police were raiding his home! Another loss to the world of reggae.

On to 70's stars next. We learned earlier this week of the passing of 'Andrew Gold'. Andrew had a string of UK hit records in the late 70's, including the brilliant 'Lonely boy', 'How can this be love', 'Never let her slip away' and 'Thankyou for being a friend', the theme tune for the long running american sitcom 'The golden girls'. He died of a heart attack at the young age of 59.

But the one that got to me most, was the sad loss of 70's punk icon 'Poly Styrene', front woman with the band 'X Ray Spex'. As a teenager, Poly was a massive influence on my musical taste, at the time of a rather unhappy down-trodden England and the pending Thatcher government. The punk scene reflected all that was going on at the time, through music, fashion and statement,  and there was no better example than the 'X Ray Spex'  - 'Germ Free Adolescence'.

Singles taken from the album hit the UK charts. Songs such as 'The day the world turned dayglo', 'Identity' & also the title track. The album then went on to be recognised as a classic of that era. Poly died at the age of 53 after battling with advanced breast cancer. Rest in peace Poly, all those mentioned above and all the other recent losses from the world of music and media.

Published on 08/06/2011 11:48:20

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