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and now..... from the Overflow Newsdesk...

Here are the latest developments... Garry Lee reporting!!!


As of now, both the 3 hour new release programme 'The Overflow Radio Show' & also 'The Overflow Archives',  will no longer be aired on River Gibbs FM. After ongoing problems with the station in recent months and many opportunities being given to sort these problems out, unfortunately it just was'nt to be.

Therefore with regret, I had to take the decision to leave RGFM with immediate effect, to avoid any further dissapointment and inconvenience to listeners.

There is now a NEW schedule in place, which can be found on our 'Listen to The Overflow' page in the menu on the left. We can now guarantee 100%, that everything listed on the schedule will be on air at the correct times in the correct places.

The Overflow 2 service, which previously carried RGFM show 'The Overflow Archives', has now been replaced with a new stream, carrying specially selected hours from the massive Archive of Radio Seagull programmes. Once again, it's all explained clearly on our 'Listen to The Overflow' page.

We would like to thank all our listeners past, present & future for supporting Overflow Radio in it's many forms & hope that you will continue to join us 7 days a week for the very best in Alternative & Underground music.

Come fly with us... on the Starship Overflow!



Published on 08/04/2010 20:43:05

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