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Greetings friends,

Here is the latest news from The Overflow Newsdesk. As Tim Rice once said in a rather deep voice... 'Angela Rippon Reporting'!!! lol

If you are one of our followers of 'The Space Stream', you are probably aware that there have been no broadcasts over the last two and a half weeks. This was due to server problems at our providers end.

Yesterday evening (Thurs 23rd May), both Overflow 1 (The Space Stream)  &  Overflow 2 (The Overflow Archives), ran Test transmissions between 9 - 11pm. We are pleased to announce that the tests were successfull on this occasion. Over the next two weeks, the tests will continue at the usual programme times listed in our schedule (found on the 'Listen to The Overflow' page). Assuming there are no further problems by then, new programmes will begin once again on Sunday June 6th.


Many thanks to all of you that tuned in for last nights tests, we hope you will continue to support us and enjoy the music.

Published on 03/06/2010 13:51:32

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