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Greetings friends, as you may or may not know, The Overflow has been a part of dutch network  Radio Seagull, since the station began and through the years, we have watched Seagull go from strength to strength. Now in October 2011, comes exciting news that the station will be joining forces with KBC radio, to commence broadcasting on 1395khz AM, the old Big L frequency....

Radio Seagull on 1395 AM

For a six week test period, starting October 2nd, the Continental Electronics transmitter on board the lightship Jenni Baynton will be broadcasting on 1395AM. During the test the radiated power will vary and also the ship will try various locations to broadcast from, in order to determine what location generates the best and most economic signal.

The test period starting October 2nd does not mean you will be able to hear us straight away. We will adjust the antenna and start with a carrier first. It being a test means we will be varying the radiated power and we will also be moving the ship around. Therefore don't hesitate to send in a report even if you have already done so before.

If you go to the official Seagull website, you will find an online form that you can fill in with your reception report, which will prove very useful to the station. All is revealed @

Published on 02/10/2011 13:00:02

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