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Where were you in August 1969? Can you remember? Were you even born? Just maybe, you were among the thousands of people at Woodstock? Personally, I may have been too young to have been there (and in the wrong country lol), but it did'nt stop me turning on to a lot of the music. I spent much of my childhood listening to the pirate stations, probably the only place that you could hear many of the american bands and artists at this time.


40 years ago last weekend, one of the most famous events in the history of rock music took place on a 600 acre farm in the town of 'Bethel', 'New York'. The Woodstock music and arts fair had 500,000 peacefull visitors that weekend and became an idea that has suffused our culture, politically and socially, as much as musically.


There were 32 music performances over the incredible Woodstock weekend and luckily the recordings still survive! The stunning powerful vocals of 'Janis Joplin', the beautiful harmonies of 'Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young', the rockin' blues of 'Canned Heat', the raw emotion of 'Joni Mitchell', the mind blowing guitar antics of guitar-master 'Jimi Hendrix' and the anti-war vibe of 'Country Joe & The Fish' asking 'what are we fighting for', all played an important part in giving Woodstock it's absolute legendary status.


There were many more fantastic musicians, such as... 'The Who, 'Jefferson Airplane', 'The Grateful Dead', 'Santana', 'Joan Baez', 'Sly & The Family Stone', 'Richie Havens', 'Ten Years After' and not forgetting that tremendous finale from 'Joe Cocker & The Grease Band'. It seems incredible now, that so many great artists and so many thousands of people were all gathered together in one place, in perfect harmony!


Here at The Starship Overflow, Woodstock has been shown so many times on our TV screens... more times than I can count! There is also the excellent 3hr compilation called 'The Woodstock Diaries' and another film called : 'Woodstock - The Lost Performances'. Gladly all these are freely available on DVD. So if you have never seen the film of the Woodstock Festival, give yourself a real treat, take time out and do as we did last weekend... Grab all 3 on DVD, get the supplies in and dont forget to share with your brother (or sister) man!


HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY 'WOODSTOCK' So long ago, but never forgotten!


Published on 29/08/2009 14:21:52

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