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With great sadness we must report some news that arrived here yesterday. An old friend of The Overflow was found dead in his car at Great Bentley (a few miles from Colchester,in Essex).

'Didi' who we had known since the 1980's, did a handful of programmes for The Overflow between 1989 - 1991. He was heard on air first as 'Herman The German' and later on as 'Didi The German'. His hilarious sense of humour always had us in fits of laughter, there were no straight faces when this man was around!

Two of the funniest moments I remember, are 'Didi' on the air with loonatic pal 'L.Blitz' back in 1990 doing the 'Split The Punpkin party' and also his first time on air way back in 1989. On this occasion, after his amusing broken-english/german banter between the songs, he suddenly decided he'd had enough for that evening and said live on air - 'Anyway I'm F***ing off now, Garry take this microphone you bastard'.... of course the place erupted with laughter. It had'nt crossed my mind to mention to him that swearing on air was out of the question!

Right now, our thoughts are with his partner 'Inge' and those that were closest to him. A man with many many friends, who will be missed by all. May you rest in peace old mate.

Published on 21/11/2008 17:03:28

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