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It's rarely that we get the time for posting reviews here, but this gig was inspiring. Making their first appearance in the UK for 30 years were the wonderful Golden Earring...  and what a fantastic night out it was!


30 years on and they still blow you away! Featuring the original band members, their sound was tighter than ever and the vocal harmonies were stunning. Many of the older bands you see live. sadly the vocalists have started to lose their voices, but there was no sign of that here.

They bashed out many old favourites, beginning the set with 'Candy's going bad', a song we were playing way back on our very first Overflow broadcasts! The show continued with lots of great songs including 'Another 45 miles', 'Paradise in distress', 'Twilight zone' and a lengthy version of 'Radar love', (complete with solo's), just to name a few. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, right to the very end of the encores, which closed with a mind-blowing version of  'Are you receiving me'. All in all, an amazing night out and well worth the 30 year wait!!!

Back at the beginning of the evening came another huge surprise. No support had been advertised for the show, we figured that Golden Earring would just play a long set (which they did). Imagine our surprise, when on to the stage came... Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash! That in itself was a top bonus, then Martin announces they are going to play the whole of 'Argus', Wow! Overflow's favourite and most played Wishbone Ash album over the years.


Again, their set was fantastic. The band have now re-recorded the old 'Argus' LP, an updated version is now available on CD, called 'Argus through the looking glass'. For details on that, go to our CD of the week page and all will be revealed. The band are on tour throughout 2009, so if you get the chance, go and see them play live, you wont be dissapointed.

Published on 26/03/2009 22:42:48

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