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Last night at just before 1am, I was working in the Overflow studio, on some new clips for the website jingle player, when there was a rather unusual happening! In the studio there are two large cupbaords around three foot deep, with an overhead cupboard joining the two. Suddenly the doors of the cupboard started to rattle and a couple of tapes fell of the shelf inside. I went to the cupboard and put my hand on the door and could feel a vibration. It must have lasted in total around 15 seconds.

I could'nt offer any explanation for this. I wondered if perhaps an old pipe had got a blockage or something, though that didnt make any sense, as the Overflow bathroom is on the opposite side of the hall.

Then after getting up this morning, I see on the news that there had been an earthquake in the UK at 12.56am, measuring 5.2 on the richter scale, the epicentre being in Lincolnshire, around a two and a half hour drive from here. Apparently the quake was felt all over England & Wales and also the edge of Scotland.

Naturally, I put this down to the awful old cassette tapes playing in the studio at the time, which were so bad it obviously upset the ether and put the earth into shock, causing particles of disgust, dis-belief and nausea to chemically react and vibrate at 300bpm! Dont ever let it be said, that the Overflow can't make the earth move for you!!!

 All future Overflow radio programmes will be produced on the wonk (so no changes there then)!

Published on 27/02/2008 12:18:48

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