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Well, August 14th has passed us by yet again.... for those of you that are here for the music and not the radio aspect... let us explain...

On August 14th 1967, The Marine Offences Act was passed by Harold Wilson's government, silencing all the pirate ships on the North Sea except one. Radio Caroline from the MV Mi-Amigo continued after Midnight that evening and indeed as far as 1980, when sadly the Mi-Amigo sank. In 1983, Caroline gained a new lease of life, via radio ship the MV 'Ross Revenge', which in turn stayed out on the north sea broadcasting live until 1990.

Also, since the late 60's, land based pirates on Medium Wave and later FM, filled the airwaves with alternatives to the drab (lack of) choice, that UK radio offered.

Proud to be a part of what was... Overflow Radio was landbased between Dec 1986 - Feb 2001, broadcasting on FM in various locations, a strict diet of alternative and underground music, from the sublime to the unreal!

Here in 2008, The Overflow can be heard via two legal stations, Radio Seagull & River Gibbs FM. In the pirate days, it was just weekends. A saturday, a sunday... maybe an odd day in the week when time permitted. Although the pirate days and total freedom of speech are sadly missed, we can now be heard 7 days a week, so all is not lost.

The main dissapointment of the last 20 years or so, is that radio seems to have learned no lessons in this country. The government bodies that were and now are, seem to have glossed over everything that was being fought for and we are now more or less back where we began. In the eighties, Laser 558 gave the system a massive kick up the a**e, the biggest it had experienced since 1967, yet here we are again in 2008, in a completely stale world of un-interesting babbling radio, with no choice that we want and little if anything to listen to at all!

Although there is nothing financial to be gained, if any member of The Overflow won the lottery tomorrow, we would guarantee a ship on the North Sea within hours, broadcasting a strict diet of intelligent, non industry-produced proper music, dispersed with ego-less, amusing and vaguely-interesting banter! None of which you will find on ILR or BBC Radio.

Oh well.... same time next year??? 


Published on 19/08/2008 03:59:04

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