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Greetings friends, It's a while since any news has been posted, so here is the latest...

This coming week brings the 400th edition of 'The Overflow Radio Show', our weekly 3hr new releases programme. Although Overflow is approaching it's 25th birthday later in the year, this particular show began back in August 2003 for Radio Caroline in Holland.

In the early days of Overflow, radio sets were considerably bigger. You should have seen our mobile phones!!!

The first 50 shows were aired on Caroline, before a move to the all new Radio Seagull with programme 51. It remains on air every Saturday night between 8 - 11pm on Seagull, though you can also hear us 3 hours earlier!!!

In 2007, 'The Overflow Radio Show' began airing regularly at Saturday teatime on River Gibbs FM between 5 - 8pm. We have now been a part of RGFM for 5 years and in that time, the show and the station have grown tremendously.

Early broadcasts were hampered by poor quality equipment and hardly any funds. Thank heavens for digital technology.

So join us Saturday nights on either station, or both if you like... and dont miss out on our special 400th edition, where you can expect a good giggle and some fantastic new and pre-releases. (Dont forget to check out our full schedule on the 'Listen to The Overflow' page).

One of the Starship Overflow's cyborg engineers, checks on the monitors below stairs.

Published on 11/08/2011 12:41:31

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