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Greetings friends,
It hardly seems possible that today it is 24 years since I sat down in front of the mixing desk, absolutely terrified that something would go wrong on our opening broadcast. All these years have past and here I still sit, older and fatter, perhaps a little wiser, but either way still enjoying the music just as much.
So, as the 24th birthday arrives, The Overflow will be marking the occasion with a marathon length LIVE broadcast, beginning around 8pm TONIGHT! (Although the stream may well be on air even earlier).
The show will be aired on our OVERFLOW 1 stream, which is still sitting at No1 in our stream providers chart of most listened to stations.
To access the programme, just go to the 'Listen to The Overflow' page, where you will see the Overflow 1 player. (Firefox users will see a link to open in a player of their own choice. Just save the link to your desktop, right click and open in Winamp Player, Windows Media Player or whatever programme you prefer).
The show will be interactive, taking your e-mails, txt messages etc, so if you're listening, dont be shy, say Hi and I will wave back, thanks to the wonders of telepathic radio!!! What's it all about? Well dont just sit there wondering, join us at 8pm this evening (UK time), for a groovy selection of sounds (and probably a few cock-ups)!
Best wishes for Christmas & New Year, Garry Lee.

Published on 17/12/2010 11:59:20

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