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Greetings friends,

It just does'nt seem possible that The Overflow was born nearly a quarter of a century ago! Yes 2011 is Overflow's 25th birthday. So throughout the year there will be various surprises in store. This week I have been speaking with Overflow veterans Captain Chaos & Tim Rice amongst others, planning and plotting for the year ahead. But lets not get carried away too soon, as it's not our 24th birthday until December 17th lol.

One secret I will let you in on... work has already begun on refurbishing and improving the Overflow website. So if you log on only to find... something that was there not there, or something else in it's place, our webmaster Tim Rice assures me that the chances are, these are just temporary measures whilst work is in progress.

One thing is certain, our 25th birthday will be marked in style this coming year, so...  WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Published on 10/10/2010 19:54:04

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