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Jan 1st 2021


Way back in 1993, the original vinyl LP was absolutely played to death on Overflow. We saw their amazing show several times and also got to meet them at our local Arts centre. 28 years on and not only has this album stood the test of time, it remains a real favourite with us. So it's wonderul news that 'If 60's were 90's' now gets a re-issue as a 3CD box set, including many alternative versions, remixes and extra tracks, not included on the initial release '93. Further info from

Jan 8th


Heavy Electricity presents The Dark Zen Kollektiv. A european based buddhist experimental left field combo, immersed in the art of motorik. Mixing the beats with samples, psychedelic soundscapes and vocals, all make for a superb full length debut album, after only previously releasing their firast EP. Not to be missed out on, this comes highly reccommended by the Starship Overflow! Grab your copy here :

Jan 15th


There is often a fine line between Stoner rock, Space rock and acid or psychedelic rock. Some being clearly more psychedelic, or heavier on the rock front for instance. Sonic Flower have only ever recorded one full length album, their self titled LP of 2003. So you could say the new release is well overdue. Stoner obviously being the operative term, after waiting 18 years for the follow up, but it's well worth the wait! Sonic Flower rides again... if you have any sense, you'll ride with them! Out on the 29th, find your copy @

Jan 22nd


Formed in Nottingham UK in 2007, this talented post-punk duo have already well and truly made their mark, having several big selling albums under their belts. Creative would be an understatement as far as their lyrics are concerned. All very clever and rhyming, whilst using topics on most young people's minds living on council estates, being a part of organised crime, or just doing it bcause they can! Whatever your beef, Sleaford Mods have an opinion. In ours... this is their finest studio album yet. NB: Its also worth checking out their webshop, where they have everyting from cassette tapes to Sleafor Mods socks!


A band we first played in 2018 when they released their debut album, the all-girl 4 piece from South London, Goat Girl are back with a brand new release called - On all fours. The band have quite obviously progressed in leaps and bounds since their debut LP, as the music make more sense, being considerably more tuneful than before, with great analogue keyboards and more experimentation than ever! Probably an aquuired taste, bbut we love Goat Girl, maybe you will too! Out on Rough Trade on the 29th, you can find further details here :

Feb 5th

PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS - Shyga! The sunlight Mound the title of the amazing new album from our aussie psychedelic friends from down under. This is their fouth album in 5 years and their most complete and probably frenetic yet. As always some of their songs are quite bizarre, experimental and can go from 0-60mph in a fraction of a second! Always tunefully melodic, with precision playing, these guys know exactly what to do and are doing it without hesitation. One of the best albums this year so far. Released today on Marathon artists, get yourself a copy here :

Feb 12th


...Heavy Male Insecurity, is the name of the new studio album from these guys, complete with a fantastic black & white cover. Especially cool on the new vinyl LP copies, which also come in picture disc and coloured vinyl editions. Hailing from Norway, the band produce puchy rock'n'roll and joyful power-pop, which is tinged in wavy psychedelia that reels you in and does'nt let go. You'll find a fabulous mixture of sounds on this new release, which is out today on Jansen Records.

Feb 19th


Hailing from Germany, heavy metal band Crystallion return with a new vocalist and their 5th studio album. Released today on Pride & Joy Records (a reat rock & metal label), Heads or tails features the voice of Kristina Berchfold, who is quite clearly a great new addition to the band. Real pure melodic metal, with some catchy songs too. For details of the new release, photos and a whole lot more, check out the latest via their official website

Feb 26th


Well they have'nt had a release out for at least a month... Yes here they are, Australia's most hard working band in the history of all-time, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Their latest offering is a real stunner musically. Featuring several stand-out tracks, in particlar 'O.N.E', which is positively infectious! As KG albums go, this is one of the best in a while. We would say probably since Murder Of The Universe, though there are plenty to choose from inbetween. It's all according to taste and if you have any of that, you wont need us to tell you how good this is! Released today, just go here :

March 5th


Straight out of Las Vegas, Nevada, come excellent post-hardcore band Escape The Fate, with their forthcoming album Chemical Warfare, due in the shops April 16th via Better Noise Music. The band have gone through several personnel changes since forming back n 2004, the latest line-up recording probably their most stunning album to date. Full of infectious hooks, arena beckoning choruses and plenty of heavy twists and turns, this is a modern collection of tunes from a band that continues to reinvent and reinvigorate themselves. Marvelous stuff.

March 12th


The full title being Sentinel / Age of Discovery. Now here's an album that had I have seen by chance somewhere, I would have picked up and bought on the strength of the cover alone. With only 8 tracks, it could be classed as a mini album, or perhaps a long EP! Hailing from Moscow, it really is just two guys making music. Amazing what can be produced using technology & creativity. To be released on the 26th of this month, you can find out more from their record label's wensite.


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