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Feb 16th


One of the best new albums of 2018 so far.... Green Seagull are one of the latest bands to burst out of London's thriving neo-psych scene, taking their name from a mis-heard Rolling Stones lyric! Their harmony laden baroque / freakbeat sound draws upon influences such as The Kinks, The Association & The Left Banke amongst others. This new release is their first full length studio LP for Mega Dodo Records and would be a real asset to any record collection. Thoroughly brilliant from start to finish, the LP will be available from March 30th on lovely green vinyl.

Feb 9th


Introducing a top band from New Jersey USA, bring on The Spider Rockets! Along came a spider, is the fifth album release by the band, available on P-Dog Recods. It's difficult to categorize them into one particular genre of music, probably Garge Rock is the closest. Really it's their own unique style, twisting & turning against the grain of what everyone else is up to. Our advice, give the album a listen, as we know you wont be dissapointed. Find out more @

Feb 2nd


Yes the amazing Marmozets are back! West Yorkshire's hottest property signed to Roadrunner Records bring us a brilliant new album. Its been a while as singer Becca damaged her knee, had an operation that left her temporarily bedridden and therefore had plenty of time whilst recouperating to make big plans for the band's return. Now with a more matured style than before, they are incorporating everything from pop music to rave beats to add to their usual formula of hard guitar driven rock and that trademark scream she does oh so well. Overall... a blistering new album!

Jan 26th


RHYTHM DISTORTION DELAY. Yeah!!! Now there's one hell of a title. We saw this band play when they first started out a few years ago. They were great then, but in no time at all have managed to polish their sound and release two amazing albums! Cambridge band Psychic Lemon not only give us fuzz guitar, psychedelic soundscapes and exceptional riffery, they also add vocals to the flavour, creating some marvelous songs on both this and their previous release. They are now with Tonzonen Records for the latest studio album, so you grab your copy here :

Jan 19th


Hailing from Germany... Introducing the excellent Vulva with their debut album release. A great new 4 piece band, who have created a revived 70's heavy psychedelic sound, incorporating krautrock in an impressive way.  Anything with heavy guitar riffs and sparkling hammond organ passages is alright by us. Quite a monster of an album, drawing on influences such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Witchcraft, Pentagram & many others. DO NOT MISSOUT! Available from Feb 16th, further details from :

Jan 12th


RESURRECTION OF KRAUTROCK : OMEGA. Bringers of spacerock & underground sounds from Croatia, Seven That Spells have now been producing albums for 15 years.  The next in their series of Krautrock albums - Omega, is now available on CD from Sulatron Records. There will also be a Vinyl issue in the coming wqeeks, so look out for that. Highly reccomended by The Overflow, this is one of their finest albums so far. 

Jan 5th 2018


- DEVIL OR GOD. Let's face it, any band that incorporates the words 'Balls of the devil' in to their own band name, have got to be worthy of a listen at least!!! Born from the ashes of 'Rabid' emerges a new exciting sound in the form of these guys with their debut vinyl LP! Not just another punk album, but more of a Steampunk, Hard blues, even Pubrock sound make this release a real stonking album! Just released, it's available now from the long term masters of Indie Rock - Flicknife Records. Go here :

Dec 29th


ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND... What a great title!Introducing Serpent Power. A new addition to be featured on the Overflow playlists, this incredible sound is made by a duo! Two guys from 90's band The Coral, bring us their marvelous second release. The style of music is pretty much psychedelic pop. A distinct late 60's vibrant & melodic colourful sound. Some of these tunes are really catchy indeed. An ideal album for a christmas or New year's party, not that any occasion is required at all. A must for all lovers of non commercial pop music. Do not miss out! Available now from :

Dec 22nd


Presenting... The Debut EP from son of divided alien - Daevid Allen, Ynys Allen and his band of musicians known as Gongoa. Musically, these are lovely floaty ambient pieces, some with vocals, some with spoken word. There is also a rather nice Steve Hillage feel to some of the guitar parts. For a debut EP this is well worth a listen. Perhaps sounding more like the evolution of Gong, than the new Gong band itself! Certainly where the vocals are concerned. Out now & available from :

Dec 15th


THE HORSE & OTHER WEIRD TALES is the title of the brand new album from Jess & co. This being the third full studio release, as always it's Jess's exfeptional vocals which are the main attraction. The songs are unusual, quirky, high-octane, quite pschedelic at times and seem to suggest many influences such as The Doors and other hippie bands of that era. There are some oustanding keyboard moments in these songs, as well as some groovy guitar work. We advise a good long listen to this album, as after a couple of plays you will be hooked! Out on Svart Records / Code 7. Available from  amazon and others, or you can download here :

Dec 8th


It's not too often that we feature a mellow album on this page, but this is such a wonderful release, we could'nt let it slip through the net. Brian Boothby is an top solo folk artist that we have followed for many years, since the days of his band Tomorrow's Ancestor. Brian sings about many natural things, such as the earth, the woods, hollow hills and so much more. We assumed he was a pagan, but apparently not! Regardless, the 11 songs on this new album are brilliantly written pieces with wonderfully soft vocals and clever and meaningful lyrics. The sort of album to curl up in front of the fire too, relax and simply enjoy. Highly recommended by The Overflow, so go here :

Dec 1st


We were absolutely stunned to hear of a new album from these old timers, a band we used to play regularly at The Overflow Club when it was running back in the early 90's. Still fronted by their legendary singer Kory Clarke, the band deliver at high velocity, a great selection of brand new songs to be played at maximum volume and then some! Kory is one of the last few rock'n'roll frontmen and since the classic 'Last decade dead century' in 1990, he has continued to swim against the tide of mediocrity and safe rebellion. ROCK'N'ROLL BABY... you better believe it! Out today on Livewire / Carfo Records Go here :

Nov 24th


Another triumph for the brilliant Transubstans Records... Lucifer Was are one of the finest eclectic heavy progrock bands we have heard in recent times. Mixing the flute style of bands such as Jethro Tull & Comus, with some awesome guitar work and powerful vocals in a similar vein to that of Deep Purple and others. This release makes for quite a unique sounding album. Released today, including vinyl editions on both black and blue vinyl if like us you are a fan of Mr.Turntable.

Nov 17th


POLYGONDWANALAND!!! If you are thinking... That's a strange title for an album, does that place actually exisit? I can tell you, Gondwalaland was in fact a former supercontinent that existed around 200 illion years ago! So now you know. Believe it or not, this is King Gizzard's 4th release of 2017. Quite unbelievable that that keep churning out so many great albums, they must write songs in their sleep! Another great selection of alternative / underground catchy psych rock tunes which wont dissapoint. Out on Static Caravan Records. It's also available to download absolutely free! What a band they truly are.

Nov 10th


It's not very often at all that we feature a metal band from The Netherlands! Theseare an absolutely brilliant melodic metal band. We featured their previous album on the Overflow quite heavily, but the new one is even better. Surprisingly, they were originally an 80's band and there was a 32 year gap before they decided to get back together and start making music again. This is their second LP of the year, do not miss out! ew this week from

Nov 3rd


From Vancouver Canada, come celtic punk rockers The Dreadnoughts. Mixing the likes of, Punk, Folk, Ska, and even Polka, this is a great album for any party over the festive season. This is their third full-length release and by far their most polished.If you iike bands such as The Real McKenzies, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys etc, then you wont go wrong with a copy of this. Out next week on November 10th, you can grab a download, CD or even a lovely purple vinyl, by going to

Oct 27th


The mighty Maat Lander have returned!!! The full title of this album is Seasons Of Space : Book No1, implyimg that there could be a Book No2, 3, 4, or maybe more. We do hope so. Space rock is the name of the game here. From full-on psych-attack to the more relaxing dreamy soundscapes, prepare yourself for an atmospheric excursion well worthy of  all you musical astronauts and experimentalists. Just slip into a nice pair of headphones and we'll see you there! Available from November 1st @

Oct 20th


Hailing from Norway, the brilliant Electric Eye have been making music for a few years now and in our estimations have really started to come up the ranks! An absolutely supern album from start to finish, incorporating droned out psych-rock inspired by the blues, India and the ever more expanding universe, it may not be for everyone, but it certainly is for us! We believe you Overflow listeners will love it. Check out the amazing Invisible Prison, track 2 on this album and take it from there...  Releasing on November 3rd, get you rcopy @ 

Oct 13th


Ever since seeing this band play live in 2014 they have become one of our favourite modern psychedelic bands. Hailing from Germany, the excellent Vibravoid have been churning out albums since the turn of the millenium and whith each they seem to get better and better. Listening to them is an experience in itself. It rather like being transported back in time to the summer of 1967, being tripped out on acid and watching the crazy oil & water patterns... at least that's the scene their music set's for the mind to play with! So do with it what you will, just make sure you listen, as this is frankly their best work ever!

Oct 6th


Effigies is the title of this amazing new album from Nathan Hall. You may find this man's voice rather familiar, as he is in fact the front man from The Soft Hearted Scientists, a band we've played heavily on the Overflow in recent years. As always a superb collection of psych/pop tunes featuring wonderful melodies and clever lyrics, mixed with soft late 60's style vocals. After playing this album just once, you will find these songs stick in your mind.

Sept 29th


Baxter, son of Ian, really is a chip off the ol' block innit! The resemblance to his father's voice is quite uncanny, although perhaps a little softer than Ian's. As massive fans of The Blockheads, naturally we love this album. In comparison to Baxter's previous releases (which we also liked), this one is far superior. His finest to date, though be warned.... if you are easily offended then this album is not for you, due to the language content. Otherwise, this is one splendid new release! Out on October 27th via Heavenly Recordings, find further info @

Sept 22nd


Happy Autumn Equinox folks! A stunning new album for the occasion this week... it's the return of ex-Hawkwind frontman (& co-founder) Nik 'Thunderider' Turner. As he teleports back to Earth with a brilliant new album titled Life In Space, featuring guest appearances from other ex Hawkind members. The album includes the emotional single "End Of The World" with former Hawkwind/Pink Fairies member Paul Rudolph, the spacey "Why Are You?" and other tracks that feature powerhouse violinst Simon House. Out on Sept 29th on Cleopatra Records, do NOT miss out on this one!

Sept 15th


A band we have followed for many years here on the Starship Overflow, a surprisingly stunning new release from the great Motorpsycho. The band were left in despair in 2016 after their long-term drummer suddenly departed from the band. Yet after finding a top replacement, have resurfaced sounding better than ever before! The Tower is an amazing new album. Lots of prog rock influences in their sound, but also echoes of spacerock bands like Hawkwind in one or two of the rockier tracks. A must for any collector of modern underground music. Out now on Rune Grammofon.

Sept 8th


Hailing from the heart of Vienna, this is the 5th studio album from Kitty In A Casket and by far their finest to date. A selection of catchy Rock/Pop songs, there really is'nt a dodgt track on the entire album! Even the cover has great atwork. Highly recommended to see play live as the band put on a great show and always make for a top night out. New from Rodeostar Records. Find out more @

Sept 1st


...OF EUCLIDEAN SPACE. Now there's a title! What a wonderful new release this. Sounding much like a  cross between Ozric Tentacles & Tangerine dream, fused with beats made by electronic percussion and cram packed with a lovely array of synth effects. Guaranteed to send you off to the far corners of the galaxy, the new QF album is ideal for late night headphones listening and equally so, being played loud on a long journey. So turn up the car stereo and take a trip... it does'nt matter where you go, QF will take you on a detour! Out now on the Progressive Promotion label.

Aug 25th

The Dream Syndicate - How did i...

..find myself here? Good question. Last thing we knew, Overflow had just began and we were playing their album - Out of the grey, on our very first broadcast in December 1986! Always an amazing band, the best of the paisley pop sounding outfits of the 1980's, we are so pleased that they are back. Original founding member / vocalist Steve Wynn is still fronting the band and sounds as great as ever. The new album is absolutely splendid. Hear tracks on Hour 2 of the show each week, or just go grab a copy from Anti Records / Epitaph.

Aug 18th


From first glance at the cover, you may think hmmm, that's a weird one. But not so! The Oh Sees are well established and have been making their own brand of psychedelic rock music for just over 20 years. For this album, they go back to their roots and play on their original style. Some quite menacing guitar work, almost ambient percussion at times, this album is like a unique twist on krautrock. Whatever you make of it, it's a real classy album that will get you hooked. Out on the 23rd on Castle Face Records. Details from

Aug 11th


Formed way back in 1999, this is the brand new album from New York's Gogol Bordello. You'd think that what could be described as a novelty band, would have ran out of ideas long ago. But not these guys. They keep churning out more wonderful new music in their own unique gypsy punk style and the new album is just as good as any other. Highly reccomended by The Overflow with tracks being featured on Hour 2 of the show each week. If you want your own copy, it's out on the 25th via Cooking Vinyl. Details from

Aug 4th


We've lost count of how many times Sendelica have been featured on this page. So if you dont have at least one album in youre collection by now, we can only assume there must be something wrong with you! There have been a number of live albums over the last few years. All of which are quite unique. This new release is an absolute corker. The usual mixture of psychedelic soundscape madness, though unfortunately no vinyl this time round. CD release only. Available from

July 28th


Another band from the rock scene that are brand new to us, we welcome the marvelous new LP from Leaving Eden. Probably best described as Modern or Alternative Rock, this new release brings us 11 top melodic tunes, enriched with female vocals. avourite tracks from the album.... Definetely 'No soul' which really shows off Eve's vocal talents and also the title track. A must for all lovers of new rock music. The album is released on August 4th on Dark Star Records. More details from

July 21st


Introducing the mighty Worhol! A very melodic symphonic metal band. If you love the likes of Within Temptation, Evanescence & Nightwish. then Worhol are natural progression. Some excellent songs on this album, featuring some rather catchy melodies. Ashley Worhol who fronts the band, is an amazing talent. Her vocals are quite stunning and compliment the great musicians that back her. Highly recommended, the album is brand new from Imminence Records. Details from

July 14th


For ten years Moff Skellington have been churning out albums. We love them here at The Overflow, but must admit they are certainly an aquired taste. The music is best described as strange, or experimental. Whereas the vocals & lyrics are not so much singing, as very clever & poetic mancunian spoken word. Sometimes rhyming, sometimes not. If you are looking for something different, fresh & intelligent, this will do the trick for sure.  Available from July 21st @

July 7th


THOUGHT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER BY NOW! This is the second full length album from SLC, containing 16 new songs. The bands sound covers a number of genres, perhaps the most likely being post-punk with a slightly psychedelic ambience to it. Though it also has a distinctly indie feel, with elements of dark groove or even disco beats. All in all, a collection of great tunes that we know know you will love. Check out the album @

June 30th


Hailing from Germany, the metal quartet return with their sixth studio album and definetely their best to date! A collection of superb melodic power-metal pieces, incorporating a big sound with plenty of atmosphere. Lots of catchy riffs and songs that will stick in your mind. If you're a metal fan, then this album would be really hard not to like. Available from July 7th on AFM Records. Details from

June 23rd


New from Fruits De Mer Records, another great release... This time from The Sidewalk Society. Echoes of many a style on this one, such as 60's bubblegum psychedelic pop, perhaps a himt of southern rock in places, along with plenty of choice guitar & piano driven melodies. Great vocals too, including lots of nice harmonies. An album that could have easily been released in 1969! But it was'nt, it's brand new and wont be available to buy until July 24th from

June 16th


Now here come a band that seem to be causing a bit of a stir in ol' London Town! Introducing The Morgellons to our CD of the week page, with their debut full-length album, brand new from legendary underground label Flicknife Records. Morgellons sound particularly punky. Drawing influences (we would suggest), from bands like Iggy & The Stooges, Magazine, Fisher Z and other New Wave / Punk acts from back in the day. They definetely have a growing audience and their debut album will show you exactly why!

June 9th


Reggae Radio is something we could listen to quite happily all day long. Mind you we are a little biased, due to Track 3 on the album, titled THE STARSHIP OVERFLOW!!!  Our good friend Radio Ray has done us proud with possibly the best song ever written & recorded especially for us. What a kind fellow, Ray we salute you! Its difficult not to acuse this of being the best song on this release, as it really is. But the whole album is an absolute pleasure to listen to. One of his best.

June 2nd


MURDER OF THE UNIVERSE. Aha... the mighty australian Gizzard returneth! Believe it or not, this is the band's tenth studio album & what an incredible LP this is. A concept album in every sense of the word. Full on Space-rock, centered around the altered beast - The Balrog! If you like your music fast, powerful & compelling, then this is for you. An absolute psychedelic masterpiece, I can see this becoming one of our all-time favourites, it really is that good. Out now on Heavenly Recordings. More info from :

May 26th


Hilarious title for the brand new album from UK hippies Magic Bus. Based in Totnes South Devon UK, these guys are multi-talented musicians, mixing many musical elements together. On a typical album, expect to hear Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Hippie vibes, Caravan style keyboards, Harmony vocals & some classy guitar work and it does'nt end there. Like previous albums, it has a very happy, sunny, uplifting feel. All in all, a joyous experience (man)! Available from Back To The Garden Records or simply go here :

May 19th


Rancid? Definetely. Trouble makers? Probably! lol.... They really do exactly what it says on the tin. A band that have been top of the pile on the european Punk / Ska scene for a long time now, this album is their latest offering. As always a mixture of fast & very fast punky tunes. Always melodic in style and many catchy songs that will stay with you. They are old hands at this and do it all so well. Highly recommended, the album is out on June 9th via Epitaph Records. Details @

May 12th


- Matte Black : The Martin Holder Sessions. That's the title of the brand new COH release, direct from the north of England's hub of Underground music, the mighty Stone Premonitions! If you've never heard any music by Census, you really are lagging behind. Since 1999, they have produced many amazing albums. Tracks ranging in style from rock, acoustic, ambient & experimental, to full-on psychedelic! This particular release being a great collection of alternative versions of previous songs. Details @

May 5th


..IN THE UPSIDE DOWN is brand new this week from Phonosphera Records of Italy. We were luck enough to see this band play live when they came to the UK in 2015... and what a treat! Although the occasional vocal is not unheard of, the band are mainly an instrumental psych outfit, producing trippy spacerock jams, drones and soundscapes. The new release is far superior in comparison to their previous recordings, almost as if they have come of age. Find out more about the band and the new album @

April 28th


For a three-piece, these guys make an awesome noise! The very finest in Heavy psych space jams, without doubt the best of 2017 so far. Crossing the boundaries of Krautrock into Spacerock and all things inbetween, it's easy to draw on influences such as the amazing Amon Duul II & even Ash Ra Tempel. Its worth buying the bandcamp version of the album, as you get an extra track not included on the CD version. It's brand new from Clostridium Records, or you can find out more here :

April 21st


Due for release on June 2nd, here comes the brand new studio album from Wiltshire's finest from the neo-psych scene - Crystal Jacqueline. Another wonderful collection of melodic and sometimes dreamy tunes. Probably her finest release so far, featuring some very catchy songs and some lovely haunting vocals. As usual the album comes to us from the excellent Mega Dodo label. If you'd like to pre-order a copy, go to :

April 14th


A great title indeed, given to the new 5 track EP from Farflung. A band we have followed here at The Overflow for many years. Another fine spacerock collective, Farflung recently signed with one of our favourite underground labels - Heavy Psych Sounds. Their  unique blend of music is kind of a mixture of groovy ambient vibes and full-on oscillator driven spacerock. Both mesmerising and compelling to listen to. Our advice... Seek, grab, listen, enjoy!  

April 7th


As they continue to make their way towards 50 years of Spacerock, the mighty Hawkwind return with another brand new studio album. After so many line-up changes over the years, captain Dave Brock still remains at the helm, commanding his troops on another trip through space & time... & this time it's into the woods! A great new concept album, which diehard fans and the next generation alike, will enjoy immensely. Probably their best album in some years, available from May 4th on Cherry Red Records.  

March 31st


Originally a dance offshoot of the Magic Mushroom Band, the mighty Astralasia have become an act to be reckoned with over the last 25 years or so. More chilled out electronic ambience of the finest quality, that will surely go down a storm at festivals, gigs and with fans alike. If you've never heard Astralasia, this is a great opportunity to enjoy some of their finest work. Our advice, get outside, fire up a sound system and play as loud as you can get away with! Available from April 17th on double vinyl LP @  

March 24th


Introdcing Keltrix to The Overflow.... a band we have seen play live many many times at The Strawberry Fayre in Cambridge. This new album is not quite as typical of their sound up until more recent years, when a slight change of direction kicked in, though the rather haunting vocals still remain. Expect a mixture of electronic beats, violins and bass & synths, bridging the gap between Alternative Folk & Electro!  A fine new album which was released a week ago. Grab yourself a copy via  

March 17th


Overflow favourites Sendelica return with a new studio album for 2017. Issued as a Gold vinyl double LP, as well as CD & Download. The album explores a selection of marvelous new psychedelic soundscapes, infused with saxophone & theremin. From livelier tracks with a rock influence, to layed-back drones, if one does'nt whisk you off to another world within a world, then the other will! Available from April 15th on Germany's Sunhair Records. Further info @

March 10th


Not only are Moff Skellington an aquired taste, they are a taste we have definetely aquired here at The Overflow. This new album is their best yet in our opinion. Musically unusual, with mainly spoken word, the songs tackle many odd subjects in a rather clever and amusing way. You'd think from the accent, that this would only appeal to Yorkshiremen. But us southern softies also like the odd Mackintosh lady and we frequently stitch together tiny birds! Intrigued? You should be...

 March 3rd


Zen Bastard is the title of the new album from the excellent Earthling Society. The album captures the band's live sound, re-visiting tracks from their first two albums, Outsideofintime & The Kosmik Suite. The band set out to do justice to these classic space rock songs by giving them the throttle that was lacking in the original 8 track recordings, only to produce some mighty fine results! Check out the album here :  

Feb 24th


It's now five years since Fortunate Youth released their debut album - Irie state of mind. In that time, they have released an album a year and now return with their latest offering a new self titled studio LP. Although their music has progressed over the last few years, it still has that wonderful roots reggae feel to it, as well as becoming a more domestic reggae sound. All in all, a great new release, which is available now on their own label. The website for details is

Feb 17th


Not only does this band have the coolest name ever, It also gets the silliest title of the year award for their new studio album - Flying Microtonal Banana!!! The brilliant King Gizzard are an ever-evolving psychedelic fuzz band, with catchy tunes are groovy lyrics, that will easily satisfy your ears. Highly recommended by The Overflow, the album comes out on the 24th via Heavenly Recordings. Further details available @  

Feb 10th


Spacerock at it's very finest!!! Two great bands of their genre on this marvelous new album. They are Maat Lander & Oresund Space Collective. Both of these bands you will be familiar with if you are a regular Overflow listener, as their releases have been featured in Hour 3 of the show many times. Psychedelic floaty spaceyness to transport you to the higher plains and if you're lucky (depending on your point of view), bringing you back down again after! Details from  

Feb 3rd


Originally written back in 2014, this fantastic new album finally gets a release on CD. Zendad is the brainchild of Stephen Kavanagh, who writes, produces and plays every instrument on the album. Styles range from full on spacerock to a much more layed back spaced out ambient sound, all of which we are sure you will love. Highly recommended by The Overflow, this release has 10 tracks along with a bonus tune on the end. Available now... you can grab yourselves a copy @  

Jan 27th


Mark & The Clouds are a London based band, who play a blend of powerful timeless 60's style psych-pop. Evolving from Instant Flight, a band so cool they persuaded the legendary Arthur Brown to do some guest vocals on their first album! Now back with a brand new release, this LP is even better than their last in our opinion. Some very catchy songs that will stay in your head all day if you let them! Check out the album for yourselves @  

Jan 20th


New for 2017, it's the debut full length album from Discomister! Apparently two teachers from York UK, these guys have an amazing sound. Indie Pop-Rock would be the genre if any. The album itself, celebrating uncertainty, vulnerability & authenticity. It's about letting go of the constructed-self, optimised by cool. The songs acknowledge the gifts of imperfection, failure & death.... There is life after cool. So now you know! Check out this fabulous new release @ or hook up with the guys on facebook for further info.

Jan 13th


Friday the 13th may be considered unlucky by some, but we suggest otherwise! We feel not only lucky but privileged to be listening to this fantastic album. Ohead is the alter ego of musician & producer Dave Hendry, also a member of the Stone Premonitions family who has featured on several releases for them. Ohead are described as a mix of psychedelic space rock, fused with komische electronica, trance & dub vibes. Now that may well be true of previous releases, but this new album has less of the trance & dub about it and more of a Tangerine Dream type feel. Though expect some stunning surprise vocals and full-on space rock moments too! An absolute masterpiece out now on Headlab Records and available soon from here :  

Jan 6th 2017


Our first CD of the week for 2017, comes from an amazing reggae band with a remarkable history that dates back four decades. So having new music from these guys is always a revelation. Fronted by the talented Dennis Bovell, this is the sound of UK roots music at it's very finest. As well as seven cool new tunes, you also get seven mighty fine dubs.... just the way a good reggae album should be. Due to hit the shops on March 17th, the album will be available from Sugar Shack Records @  

Dec 30th


INFINITE CHURCH OF THE LEADING HAND - SUCHT & ORDNUNG. The latest offering from Der Blutharsch is a superb album featuring three wonderfully lengthy live psychedelic improvisation jams. These marvelous soundscapes range in styles and tempo from very layed back to more heavy almost doom or stoner rock, though not really either, just elements of both. Either way, this album comes highly recomended. So either tune in to Hour 3 of The Overflow to check out their sound, or if you cant wait that long, head straight off to their bandcamp page @

Dec 23rd


Brand new from the Stone Premonitions Family Collective, the debut album from Sixtus The Fifth. Quite a rocky project for the SP crew, this fantastic new release features many re-workings of songs by Census Of Hallucinations & The Rabbits Hat amongst others. 14 tracks of pure bliss and not a duffer on board! Tim Jones is the main vocalist, with a superb selection of musicians playing along side. Highly recommended, the album is now available @  

Dec 16th


In case you wondered, I can assure you he is'nt! All Radio Ray's music through it's various styles and guises, prove what a supremely talented artist he is. Styles range from Spacerock to acoustic, ambient and like this album... electronic! He is also a mastermind at clever, amusing, deep, meaningful & even completely bizarre lyrics at times. 'Shame the millionaires' and the brilliant 'War tears' are two of our favourites from this fantastic new release. Another highly recommended album to be added to the Overflow playlists very soon. Do NOT miss out! Head off now to

Dec 9th


'Expandis' were originally formed back in 1980 by highly talented musician Phil Thornton. Phil is also known for his timeless work with other bands, such as the brilliant 80's/90's psychedelic band 'Mandragora' and the more ambient 'Phil Thornton's New Age'. However, Expandis have always been around and have recently put out two new releases. One is a collection of songs from their (hard to find) 2nd album (a cassette release), the other is this, which features a collection of top tunes from their live sets re-created and tracks from their 2013 EP. A brilliant release, well worthy of any music collection. Further details from :  

Dec 2nd


A massive hoorah and congratulations to Fruits De Mer Records, who bring us this marvelous new album as their 100th album release! The Honey Pot are an absolutely superb psychedelic pop/rock band. The new LP also features several guest artists on various songs, such as the wonderful voice of Overflow regular Cary Grace, singing s fabulous version of 'Cant you see the witch', which was originally recorded by german band The Rattles way back in 1970. A mighty fine selection of tunes, which come highly reccomended by The Overflow. Details from  

Nov 25th


Making their debut on The Overflow show recently, came The Burning Stash from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The Stash have only been together for about a year, yet have become a very tight band in such a short space of time, they have been signed up and put out their first studio album already! The band appear to be looking for the edges of various styles of Rock & Pop, sometimes rather compelling and at other times more in your face. Comparable to the Foo Fighters amongst others. It's in the shops now on Snakebite Records, find out more here :  

Nov 18th


From Orebro Sweden, come the mighty Asteroid once again, with their third full length studio release. Doing what they do best, we suggest you secure the ornaments and PLAY LOUD, as this album holds seven full-on lengthy songs straight from the heart of Heavy Psych Rock! This fits in somewhere between the realms of stoner & psych and is a real blast... their finest album to date. Just released and available from  

Nov 11th


The first new album in 6 years from this excellent band, hailing from Los Angeles, California. We first started playing them in late 1995 when they were with american label SST Records. These days the band are signed up to Heavy Psych Sounds for the release of this marvelous collection of tunes. It's difficult to describe their music in a few words. Alternative Rock is about the closest term, though you can hear many underground influences and styles within their music. Highly recommended by The Overflow.  

Nov 4th


Azmari : Abyssinian Liventure is the title of the amazing new album from russian spacerockers Vespero. There is a lot more to the album than just spacerock, try incorporating Jazz-fusion-psychedelia into the equation and you're getting a little nearer. This new release was recorded live in Astrakhan Ethiopia and has an incredible sound to it. We recommend headphones on for this one, as so much too hear in the curious selection of instrumental tracks on this brilliant new album. Details from

Oct 28th


A band whose music we have been playing since Day 1 of The Overflow nearly 30 years ago! The Magic Mushroom Band began in 1984 and brought us many amazing albums over the following 10 years, before disbanding and regrouping for an acoustic outage called Moonboot Oz, the surnames of the two founding band members. The music was psychedelic rock at its finest, as the Mushy's became a big part of the underground & free festivals scene throughout the 80's & 90's. So if you want a definitive collection of MMB material, this new double album really is the one. It's released today, so off you toddle...

Oct 21st


A lovely bright almost flourescent cover, to introduce Night Operations to The Overflow playlist for the very first time. Mantra is a splendid album... it should be after two years in the making at German Shepherd Records. Mike Powell is the main man behind the project, who also doubles up as keyboard player for Kit B. Musically, a great alternative electronic pop/rock album which includes one or two very catchy tunes! Highly recommended and released today. Go here :  

Oct 14th


It's been some while since we've had new music to play from these guys on The Overflow. Tim Jones, Terri B & various members of the Stone Premonitions family serve up a special helping of newly remixed & remastered tunes, adding many new twists to songs from days gone by. A thoroughly enjoyable album from start to finish. A must for all real music lovers, the new CD (or download) is available from the label's webshop  

Oct 7th


Brand new album just released a few days ago by premiere aussie rockers Airbourne. Now firmly embedded in their new home at Spinefarm Records, Airbourne come up with a cracker of a new album. If you've never heard the band before, they are basically a modern day AC/DC, putting their own edge to mainly upbeat rock songs, though in the same traditional style. Another fantastic release! Details from  

Sept 30th


Now here's a band that completely blow us away each time they bring out a new release. The amazing Astral Son return with this, their third studio album. Dutch neo-psych at it's very best, expect cosmic soundscapes & some fuzzy riffs, ever changing and flowing along with some lovely soft psychedelic vocals. Peaceful, colourful & delightful, this is also an album that sounds incredible on headphones. Trust me I know, I experienced the experience last night!!! Without doubt their best album to date, this is released on October 7th via Sulatron Records.  

Sept 23rd


Wow... It's hard to believe there is a new Culture Shock album after so many years! Fantastic to hear this band making new music, an absolutely brilliant album. If you've never heard these guys, they came from the ashes of punk band The Subhumans in the mid 80's. Originally it was anti-Thatcher/Tory protest songs. Although the song subjects have broadened somewhat, it's still that great old festival anarcho-punk ska sound on a bunch of new songs which we are sure that in time, will become just as legendary as the original ones. Highly recommended.... & Available almost anywhere! ...or from the label :  

Sept 16th


It's finally arrived, the debut album from the brand new Gong band. I was rather sceptical as to how they would sound when I saw them play live last month. I was also completely bewildered as to how I would feel about an album without Daevid Allen on! Let's face it, it was never going to be easy for anyone to take over the controls after Daevid's passing, but new frontman Korvus is truly a natural, a brilliant all-round musician, and perfect for the job. I was still in two minds after hearing the first song on the LP, but within minutes it was so easily the Gong we know & love once again. Daevid also appears on a couple of songs which adds to the feel of the album in a big way. All in all a stunning new release and also quite moving at times. Long live the legacy of Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth, the band that were, are & always will be GONG!  

Sept 9th


Available as a CD, coloured vinyl LP, a box set.... whichever format you opt for, you cant possibly be dissapointed with the quality of this amazing new psychedelic rock album. The original version (their 1st release) was called Return to the reptiles. This new version has one track remixed, two - re-recorded a new and two more - remastered. The new album also includes new songs (4 in vinyl version and 6 in digital) covering more broad sonic space - acoustic pieces and psychedelic soundscapes which have been composed and recorded over the period of the last three years. Out on Clostridium Records, it's available right here :

Sept 2nd


P.F.R.P. can only stand for one thing.... The Peoples Free Republic Of Pandemonia! Festival favourites and a band we have followed for many years now, P.F.R.P's latest release is a combination of live recordings taken from two festivals. Kozfest in Devon & Blind Cat Festival in N.Lincs. Musically, dance beats & effects, some great lead guitar riffs n rhythms, plenty of sax, some wonderful flute, some blues harmonica.... a real mixture of sounds blended perfectly together make this one of their finest releases to date. It's impossible to sit still while this album is playing... you try!  

Aug 26th


A band that have not recorded anything in over 20 years, are suddenly back with a vengeance! We saw them play live many times between 1989-95, before they dissapeared off the radar. A fantastic festival psych outfit, blending psych, dance beats, powerful female vocals and some exceptionally catchy tunes. BTTP were also known for their dub style and their anti-establishment protest songs back in the day. The new EP is absolutely stunning! Our No1 release of the year, the title track contains most of the above, along with a newly added dubstep / drum n bass style to it. Probably the most kickin' track of 2016! DO NOT MISS OUT.... grab your copy on 12" vinyl now @  

Aug 19th


One of those terms that has been bandied about for years.... Rock is dead! Well Dorothy from Los Angeles prove otherwise. Dorothy Martin is the lead vocalist (hence the band name), her voice being powerful, sexy and pure rock'n'roll baby, perfect in fact for a band of this nature. Added together with some steady rhythms, guitar solo's & catchy melodies, the album has potential to raise hell in the world of rock & blues. Get your copy, along with other goodies @

Aug 12th


RE-CONNECTION is the name of this wonderful new album from Sacred Geometry Banned. Mic Cosmic and a selection of many other talented musicians such as Nik Turner, Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Orlando Allen, Rob Williams (of Babal) and many others, all appear on this marvelous collection of songs taken from recordings made over many years. Not to be confused with the other more meditational albums called Sacred Geometry (1-4), this album is a non-drone, selection of floating spaced out tunes, sounding like a mixture of Gong & Ozrics amongst other influences. An absolutely superb album available from :  

Aug 5th


YAY.... Anti Pasti are back! Formed way back in the depths of the 1978 punk scene, they're biggest success was making No31 in the album charts a few years later. Now with a new vocalist and some fantastic new songs, comes a really fresh traditional punk album in the form of 'Rise up', their new release. The title song itself is quite an anthem. As for the rest, it's everything you'd expext from a punk LP really. Though is a lot more refined (probably thanks to technology), the album features catchy riffs, speedy songs and top notch vocals! Highly recommended by The Overflow, Rise up is released in 7 days time by Westworld Recordings. All info from :  

July 29th


It does'nt seem like 5 minutes, since we were featuring the band's first album - Sirius. Yet here we are again! This being their second full length studio release, the album presents a far more polished band than the previous release. Spacerock at it's finest, you can hear the many influences of 80's/90's festival bands, such as Mandragora & Ozric Tentacles. The Spacedogs have a unique sound of their own though. Sometimes sounding darker, sometimes hypnotic, but always spaced out (as one would expect). We recommend you see them play live, perhaps at one of the summer festivals. But in the meantime, go grab yourself a copy!  

July 22nd


Coming soon on August 26th, Delain will unveil they're 5h studio album and what a matvelous album it is! This time round the dutch symphonic rockers have excelled themselves bringing us a far more ambitious release than ever before. Charlotte who fronts the band really shows off her vocal talents. Also the lead guitar sound is much more prominent. Its also the first album to include their new drummer. So all-in all, if symph-rock is the bag you're into, you wont go wrong with a copy of this. Out August 26th on Napalm Records. Details from :  

July 15th


For the benefit of those who dont know already... When the Bonzo's split in 1970, they went off in two halves to form other bands. Vivian Stanshall's band being known as Big Grunt. Way back in that golden era of music, they recorded their first session for John Peel that year. Never before available on vinyl, It's being released next month by Mega Dodo Records, as a lovely yellow vinyl 4 track 12" EP and includes a version of our favourite Bonzo's song - 11 mustachioed daughters! Cant wait to get a copy of this! Details at  

July 8th


Introducing a bunch of cosmic sorcerors from Portland, Oregan USA, the mighty Cambrian Explosion! This is their third studio EP and by far their best. Pure rock'n'roll with swagger, only the finest psychedelic grooves and five new songs make this release one of the greatest EP's of 2016 so far. This new release is downloadable absolutely free from their bandcamp page, though we are looking forward to a vinyl release... watch this space!  

July 1st


Introducing Italian occult-doom rockers Psychedelic Witchcraft! This is their debut full-length studio album, after previously releasing E.P's. Fronted by Virginia Monti, the band was formed in March 2015, whilst living through the imaginary of occult and witchcraft with psychedelic colours and emotions, inspired by the sounds and pictures of an almost lost era. Their music is probably best described as dark though melodic psych tinged rock, verging on Stoner rock with a hint of magic! Available from :

June 24th


Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas USA, come psychedelic blues rockers Gypsy Sun Revival. This being their debut album, they are giving away as a totally free download release on their bandcamp page. The album itself is an absolute masterpiece and really could have made them a large wad of cash had they have wanted! So if I were you, best go grab this album for free while you can. Not a duff track on this one, so you wont be dissapointed.

June 17th


..THE LOUD & ROWDY (his long-term backing band), finally release their first full length studio album after playing together for many years. 'Songs from the garage' is like a full-on sugar or caffeine rush, blending modern day rock'n'roll with some hilarious lyrics, due to the fact that Jim has over 20 years experience as a stand-up comedian! A real must for you if you love your rock music. Some seriously catchy tunes that will stay in your head all day. Out on Metal Blade records, find further information @   

June 10th


This week for a change, we feature a 5 track EP rather than an album. It seems that the Stone Premonitions family collective had done it yet again! Always first with innovative music, this is the first release from Tram, which we would decribe as an ambient outing from nowhere to somewhere and back via anywhere.... (It's all in the mind you know). Lovely beats and pleasantly layed-back tunes, which as usual hold some enormously clever lyrics. We absolutely love it. Check out this release for yourselves, available as a download or CD from :  

June 3rd


Coming soon, the new double CD - Golden Omens. This will be the 7th studio album, to be released on July 8th via THE HIP REPLACEMENT label. A mixture of lyrical songs, instrumental pieces and interludes, split the album into four parts. All in their usual 60's psych / ghost-folk / baroque-pop style the album has a blend of acoustic & electric guitar home-made percussion, vintage keyboards & electronic underwater, outer space & nature sound effects! All in all, another true masterpiece.  

May 27th


Make sure you dont miss out on this one... the fantastic new album from Lacuna Coil is not only heavier but also darker than usual but may we just say... Way to go chaps! Not that Christina Scabbia is a chap by any means! Her vocals are as stunning as they always are. The title track from the album really shows off her voice. A splendid album from start to finish, so many contenders for singles too. You cant go wrong if you love goth rock, this one is for you. Released today on Century Media, details from  

May 20th


After five years of waiting, fans of German rockers Melted Ego will have a smile on their faces this week, as the band have finally released a second album a few days ago. Hailing from Hamburg, these guys have an excellent sound for a modern rock band, playing melodic rock songs of purely the very finest. Featuring 9 excellent songs, the album is released by Country Fied Records. Find out further information from the band's website @

May 13th


... FROM ELECTRIC SALAD STUDIO. Love that album title! It's always good to receive new music from Deviant Amps, a band that have survived the festival scene since the early 1980's. They have a unique sound of their own, driven by psychedelic guitars and the soft hippie vocals of Paul 'Woodbine' Woodright. Some fantastic new songs on the album, including our favourites ' Cant reach the floor' & 'Pushing it too hard' amongst others. Grab yourself a copy of this great new studio release by going to the band's website :  

May 6th


Here's a band we were playing when Overflow first began back in the 1980's. They had two or three minor hits, their strongest being Nowhere Girl in 1982 which only made No67  on the UK chart, which was criminal really, a very under-rated band. They appeared around the time of the neu-romantics, though were really a synth-pop band. 31 years since their first album, the new release is truly brilliant. Sounding like the band have never been away,  the album is fresh, well-produced, with memorable songs and the vocals sound every bit as good as they did back in the day, if not better! Highly recommended, the album is out now and available from Cleopatra Records.  

April 29th


'The acceleration of time' is the fantastic forthcoming release from Chicago band The Luck Of Eden Hall. One of our very favourite bands here at The Overflow. They have produced some very clever songs over the years and this new album is no exception. Musical genius is the best description, amazingly catchy 60's style psych-pop songs that get in your head and stay there. The album will be out as a double vinyl release at the beginning of June on Headspin Records from Holland. Details here :

April 22nd


An absolutely blistering debut album from UK stoners Red Spektor will be released on July 29th. A sound that oozes psych shimmerings, lashings of whiskey soaked stoner riffs and infectious classic hard-rock vibes, this is certainly an album you wont want to miss out on.The bands influences include Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Leaf Hound & Kadavar. We can pick up on all those, but there's also a whole lot more to get your ears around! Keep tabs on upcoming info for this release @  

April 15th


We have seen this classified on certain other websites as Pop/Rock... Trust us, this album is a whole lot more than that. Combine elements of Spacerock, psych, techno & festival styles, along with catchy rhythms, strong vocals & some kick-ass tunes, then you're getting much closer to the truth! Compared with previous releases, this is a far stronger collection of songs, guaranteed to put Electric Cake Salad well & truly on the map! Available from today on the legendary Flicknife Records.  

April 8th


A band The Overflow has followed since day 1. Sonic rockers Hawkwind have had stacks of cool releases over the years throughout the changing line-up's. Dave Brock has always kept a tight hold of spaceship Hawkwind, steering it to continued success over the decades. This new double vinyl release, can only be described as their best output in many years. Well written songs and polished musicianship help to make this another Hawkwind classic, which will surely be remembered in the world of spacerock. Available from the 18th on Cherry Red Records.  

April 1st


Yes we know it's April the 1st, but we promise you this is no April fool.... It really is the band's name! ..and what an excellent band they are. Hailing from Perth Australia, this is an absolutely stunning new psych pop/rock album featuring many catchy tunes. Great melodies, cool vocals, odd lyrics... everything you'd expect from a modern psych recording & more! Highly reccomended by The Overflow, the album is called 'High Visceral Part 1' and is available here :  

March 25th


'Cape yawn' is the name of the amazing new album from ETTGS. Thirteen awesome new full-on stoner/psych rock tunes to blow your mind... and indeed they do every time! One of our favourites of the year so far, a totally blistering attack on the senses, not a duff tune on it. The LP is available as a rather trippy green & white swirly vinyl. A wonderful addition for any collection... but beware, their record label Hevisike Records (Birmingham UK), is not the quickest or most efficient of labels by any means. It was a bit of a battle to get our copy, which took 4 weeks to arrive! Our advice... go for the digital download which is available here :  

March 18th


(previously known as 'Weird Biscuit Teatime')... 'Elevenses' is the title of this brand new release from Purple Pyramid Records. A rather acid-inspired collection of songs, which will definetely please any long-time fan of Daevid Allen. An often jazzy style, with elements of the earlier Gong recordings and it's predecessor Soft Machine, the album is probably best described as weird & wonderful. Here at The Overflow, we love it! Grab yourself a lovely vinyl copy, from  

March 11th


Celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band this very year, the mighty Sendelica release a second album for 2016 and it's only March! This one is an absolute corker and probably their finest live album to date. Released by Sunhair Records, this release has captured the live sound of Sendelica perfectly, complimenting what could only be described as the ultimate setlist. Also as an added bonus, it's released as a splendid purple splattered vinyl platter! You'll want one when you see it & be extremely glad you got one when you've heard it!  

March 4th


Overflow favourite - Kevin Heard's album Cydonia, finally gets released by Stone Premonitions. Kev who comes from a background of late 70's punk bands such as TheCarpettes, trys his hand at spacerock for the very first time... and from the sound of this monster, he's found his true vocation! Superb in every sense of the word, highly recommended in every way possible and if you dont add this to your music collection, it will NEVER be complete! We love this album & just know you will too. So what are you waiting for? Get over to right now, before they run out!

Feb 26th


.. THE UNIVERSE! Hoorah, the next release from russian psych outfit Maat Lander has arrived. On this album, you'll find some tracks from their debut release, all  played live, no overdubs & some different arrangements. It was recorded in Astrakhan Russia... expect lots of improvisation, drawing simularity in style perhaps only with Ozric Tentacles. Though these guys have a style of their own. Available from :

Feb 19th


It's all rather groovy that after all these years 80's goth-rockers The Cult are still recording new music. Partners in crime Astbury & Duffy churn out another great bunch of tunes, in The Cult's usual style, though one or two tracks seem slightly more raw than other recent tunes. Perhaps it's due to the guitar sound, as Duffy sounds on fire with his excellent riffery on this album. Brand new from Cooking Vinyl records, check out the new album and find all the info you need @     

Feb 12th


A rather special CD of the week this week. We have been following the music of Paul Roland since The Overflow began way back in 1986. This was one of the first albums of his we ever played, as it was originally released on vinyl back in 1985. However, it sold out quickly, has been almost imopossible to find a copy and never before has it been issued on CD. So here it is for the first time, courtesy of Klang Galerie Records. If you are not aware of the many talents of Paul Roland, check out his music on youtube, where there are lots of fine examples. For details on this release, go to :

 Feb 5th


Yes folks you're eyes do not deceive you.... 80's/90's festival freaks The Oroonies return with their first CD release ever! Back in the day there were a handful of much sought after cassette releases, then came the one and only LP release in 1992 - Of hoof & horn. Then there was nothing until the band reformed three years ago. Since then they have produced 3 releases. 2 download albums (which will be issued on CD later this year) and this the first CD release. Music wise... experimental avant-garde psychedelic strangeness, appreciated best by the trippers! Find out more @  

Jan 29th


A new artist on us... Kaminanda make their debut on the Starship Overflow with this incredible ambient dub masterpiece, featuring 10 excellent tunes. Each track is a journey in itself, packed with psychedelic dub and bass glitch and a range from powerful drums to tropical beats. All this fused with exciting synth melodies and even some delicate strings in places, make this an absolutely superb ambient dub album. Out on Merkaba Music, find further details at  

Jan 22nd


So who remembers this bunch of misfits? Formed way back in 1977 in South Shields UK, they first hit the UK charts in 1979 with a couple of punk anthems from their LP 'Teenage warning'. I still remember Tom Browne doing the Top 20 on sunday night when this lot entered the chart for the first time, saying their name in a horrified manor and then cutting the track halfway through! 37 years on and the only thing different about this great old punk band, is that they've aged like the rest of us. Still sounding as great as ever, the new album is worth buying just so you can sing along to 'Tories tories tories, OUT OUT OUT! Haha brilliant.. find info here :  

Jan 15th


So here it is... the stunning new album from Roz Bruce and friends, their second studio release and what a magnificent album it is. Tracks range from upbeat psychedelic rock, to layed-back lounge lizard beanbag chill-time with headphones on! Either way, it's all good by us. Roz's amazing vibrato vocals, together with some superb musicianship, make this an album you wont want to miss out on. (& we'd be lying if we said anything other than 'Itching for a mouthful' was our favourite!) Buy it now!!!  

Jan 8th


To be released on the 23rd of this month, Starship Overflow welcomes Germany's Spacelords to our fine rosta of space-rock bands featured in Hour 3 of the show. The band are a powerful four-piece, which include Marcus Shnitzler on drums, who you may already know from his outstanding performances with our friends Electric Moon. This fine album includes only 3 tracks, ranging between 10 - 20 minutes each in length. You can take your pick... Liquid Sun, Spaceship Breakthrough & Black Hole... all  3 tunes make for exceptional listening. To be released on Spacetemple Records, find out more here :

Jan 1st 2016


SECOND PSYCHEDELIC COMING : THE AQUARIUS TAPES is the full title of the bands second studio release, available now on Svart Records via Code 7. An amazing 7-piece occult psych rock band hailing from Finland, Jess and friends have an incredibly 60's type sound, reminiscent of the days of bands like Jefferson Airplane & It's A Beautiful Day. Highly recommended by The Overflow and featuring heavily on Hour 3 of the show in recent weeks. You can check out the band on facebook or find the album on their bandcamp page @  










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