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Feb 16th


One of the best new albums of 2018 so far.... Green Seagull are one of the latest bands to burst out of London's thriving neo-psych scene, taking their name from a mis-heard Rolling Stones lyric! Their harmony laden baroque / freakbeat sound draws upon influences such as The Kinks, The Association & The Left Banke amongst others. This new release is their first full length studio LP for Mega Dodo Records and would be a real asset to any record collection. Thoroughly brilliant from start to finish, the LP will be available from March 30th on lovely green vinyl.

Feb 9th


Introducing a top band from New Jersey USA, bring on The Spider Rockets! Along came a spider, is the fifth album release by the band, available on P-Dog Recods. It's difficult to categorize them into one particular genre of music, probably Garge Rock is the closest. Really it's their own unique style, twisting & turning against the grain of what everyone else is up to. Our advice, give the album a listen, as we know you wont be dissapointed. Find out more @

Feb 2nd


Yes the amazing Marmozets are back! West Yorkshire's hottest property signed to Roadrunner Records bring us a brilliant new album. Its been a while as singer Becca damaged her knee, had an operation that left her temporarily bedridden and therefore had plenty of time whilst recouperating to make big plans for the band's return. Now with a more matured style than before, they are incorporating everything from pop music to rave beats to add to their usual formula of hard guitar driven rock and that trademark scream she does oh so well. Overall... a blistering new album!

Jan 26th


RHYTHM DISTORTION DELAY. Yeah!!! Now there's one hell of a title. We saw this band play when they first started out a few years ago. They were great then, but in no time at all have managed to polish their sound and release two amazing albums! Cambridge band Psychic Lemon not only give us fuzz guitar, psychedelic soundscapes and exceptional riffery, they also add vocals to the flavour, creating some marvelous songs on both this and their previous release. They are now with Tonzonen Records for the latest studio album, so you grab your copy here :

Jan 19th


Hailing from Germany... Introducing the excellent Vulva with their debut album release. A great new 4 piece band, who have created a revived 70's heavy psychedelic sound, incorporating krautrock in an impressive way.  Anything with heavy guitar riffs and sparkling hammond organ passages is alright by us. Quite a monster of an album, drawing on influences such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Witchcraft, Pentagram & many others. DO NOT MISSOUT! Available from Feb 16th, further details from :

Jan 12th


RESURRECTION OF KRAUTROCK : OMEGA. Bringers of spacerock & underground sounds from Croatia, Seven That Spells have now been producing albums for 15 years.  The next in their series of Krautrock albums - Omega, is now available on CD from Sulatron Records. There will also be a Vinyl issue in the coming wqeeks, so look out for that. Highly reccomended by The Overflow, this is one of their finest albums so far. 

Jan 5th 2018


- DEVIL OR GOD. Let's face it, any band that incorporates the words 'Balls of the devil' in to their own band name, have got to be worthy of a listen at least!!! Born from the ashes of 'Rabid' emerges a new exciting sound in the form of these guys with their debut vinyl LP! Not just another punk album, but more of a Steampunk, Hard blues, even Pubrock sound make this release a real stonking album! Just released, it's available now from the long term masters of Indie Rock - Flicknife Records. Go here :











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