The Starship Overflow forum has been replaced with a handbook. The crew have spent some months getting to grips with all the facilities on the new Overflow ship and the Captain has insisted we have an instruction booklet instead, that is available to all crew members. If you managed to find it, you'll see we've left it dangling on a piece of string in the toilets on deck 7. This book is NOT to be used for toilet paper. Please make yourself familiar with it and pay particular attention to the fire drill. The emergency exit is in the missile bay on Deck 2.

So here it is -THE OFFICIAL OVERFLOW HANDBOOK, full of handy hints, recipes, retro-nonsense and all you've ever wanted to know about Overflow Radio. If you have any ideas for the handbook, do let us know - this is very much a community manual! You'll find even more pages in 'Strange Things On Deck 5' (see menu).

It might be different perhaps but by golly its British! Its back, its bigger, its faster, and 100% guaranteed Alternative music! We no longer use old fashioned FM Megahertz, coathangers or long lengths of wet string, but with most people now using the world wide web for music, who needs'em!

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